Saturday, November 10, 2012

Agarwood Black Oil Investment Scam ***folded in Feb2016

*** When you get a promised to get moe than CPF 4% return without doing any work but just putting in money, then most likely is too good to be rrue. This company folded article on The Straits Times on 25Feb2016 Business page C1.

Agarwood Investment

Currently there are two companies having this investment.

Oud oil to extract from agarwood trees can be used in fragrances and essential oils.

Plantation Species: Agarwood

Even by rainforest standards, the aquilaria tree is remarkable. It isn't so much the tree, but what is deep inside it. Aquilaria produces resinous heartwood, called agarwood, known as the "Wood of the Gods". Agarwood has been traded for centuries. The resinous wood is used for incense, as well as medicinal purposes and pure resin in its distilled form goes into perfume. The value therefore is both religious and curative; the Japanese donate flowers and agarwood oil to Shinto-Buddhist temples, and faith healers use it in the Middle East.

Over Exploitation and Harvesting

By the early 1990s, the aquilaria tree had been harvested to near extinction in Southeast Asia, and was classified as an endangered species. So a drive began to replace the trees in the natural forest with the ones on commercial plantations. One problem is that not every aquilaria tree produces Agarwood. What was needed was a scientific answer that guaranteed production. Nine years ago a team from the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences at the University of Minnesota developed a cultivated version of the tree to provide a sustainable crop.

Modern Technology in Harmony with Nature

Utilising modern technology, Asia Plantation Capital is now growing aquilaria trees at its plantations in Sri Lanka and Thailand. Asia Plantation Capital waits for the trees to be four to five years old before stimulating them to produce Agarwood. The trees can then be harvested, realising a potential return for investors in just six years.

Malaysia & Thailand Plantations

Hover over a plantation name to hightlight the location on the map. Click on a link for more information on the plantation.

Asia Plantation Capital

 The Plantation Capital Group - Established officially in 2008, although operating privately since 2002 the group now have plantations and agricultural projects on 4 continents with operational projects at various stages.

Plantation Managers & Advisors -The Asia Plantation Capital Group act as plantation managers and advisors to several Private Equity Funds that focus on the forestry, farming and renewable energy sectors. Plantation assets currently owned and/or under management on behalf of private clients are in excess of US$250 million.

Minimum Investment S$30,000  for 1 plot of plant land
No guaranteed. 5.5 years lock in investment. Estimated return about S$240,000

Tropical Forestry Venture(S) Pte Ltd
14A Sago Street (end of Smith Street)    off:   6224-6568
Micheal Warren Raj, Director of Marketing   8146-4612  or 8622-1977
Company Registration No:  201222748Z

Incentive:  S$70 NTUC voucher
Minimum Investment S$23,000   for  100 tree (S$230 per tree)

Estimated to produce 4 tula (12ml - one tula) and selling at S$400 / tula = S$1,600 per tree x 100 = S$160,000.

Guaranteed 5.5 years later return about S$190,000


  1. Hi. I would like to contact the owner of this blog pls. There are some incorrect information that i would like to correct u. Thanks. Email me @ Thanks for your attention.

    1. Hi Tommy, are you one investor & proved this business not true? Please share your experience email

  2. Looking for partnership/investors for Agarwood Inoculation:

    We are farm shareholders growing Agarwood/Gaharu trees up to the point where they are ready for inoculation.

    Investors will buy the grown Agarwood/Gaharu trees ready for inoculation.

    The inoculated trees are to stay on the farm for 3 years (max).

    Fees will be charged if investors want the inoculated trees to stay on the farm longer than 3 years.

    The farm is currently planted with 600 Agarwood/Gaharu trees.

    The farm can accommodate 20K trees.

    Please contact shareholder of the farm for more details.

    Location: Sabah, Malaysia

  3. Only idiots would invest in scams like these. Look in the mirror and ask yourself whether you are a mental retard, if you are, go ahead and invest in scams

  4. Great articles and great layout. Your blog post deserves all of the positive feedback it’s been getting.

  5. you mentioned asia plantation. Is this also an investment scam? I actually followed a friend of mine to the plantation in Thailand. Not sure if it was scam

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