Monday, November 19, 2012

Tom Williams

Tom Williams was a syndicate trader (a member of Wyckoff's Composite Operator group - Smart Money) in Beverly Hills, California, USA, for 15 years in the 1960s-1970s. His professional experience gained a great impetus after reading what Richard D Wyckoff had to say on the subject of volume analysis in the early thirties.

Tom Williams was in a unique situation that allowed him to monitor the effects of the syndicate’s trading activity on the price chart. As a result, he was able to discern which resulting price gyrations derived from the syndicate’s action on the various stocks they were buying and selling. From the work started by Wyckoff, Williams further developed the importance of the price spread and its relationship to both the volume and the close.

He further developed Wyckoff's methodologies into his own more potent methodology - Volume Spread Analysis. His book "The Undeclared Secrets of the Stock Market" has often been referred to as "Wyckoff on Steroids!"

Tom Williams has been energetically applying his unique methodologies for the last 30 years to the Stocks, Forex and Futures markets. In 1993, Williams made his work available to the public when he published his methodology in a book. This book not only explains why moves occur but also how to recognize the underlying forces at work in the stock market.

To most people the sudden moves seen in the stock market are a mystery. Movements seem to be heavily influenced by news and appear when least expected; the market usually doing the exact opposite to what it looks like it should be doing, or that your gut feeling tells you it ought to be doing. Sudden moves taking place that appear to have little to do with logic -Bear Markets in times of financial success, strong Bull Markets in the depths of recession. Countries whose inflation rates make you shudder are making new highs in their indices. It seems a place for gamblers -or for those people that work in the City, or on Wall St -who must surely know exactly what is going on! This is a fallacy. If you can take a little time to understand this book, the heavy burden of confusion will be removed from you forever. The Stock Market is not difficult to follow if you know what you are looking at in the first place. You will understand exactly how the market works. You will know how a bull market is created, and also the cause of a bear market. Most of all you will begin to understand how to make money from your new-found knowledge.


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