Monday, November 5, 2012

Path to Financial Freedom - MasterYourFiance

8-Nov-12  7.30pm-10.30pm 9 Penang Road, #13-15 Park Mall.

Path to Financial Freedom workshop combine below all 3 workshops::

Created by the late Mr Dennis Ng, a respectable Financial Expert and Author of 3 personal finance books, the seminar unveiled the secrets of how an average person achieve his first million dollars, leading to financial freedom.
The seminars present proven strategies and practical solutions that are easy to apply.

How to Save and Accumulate One Million Dollars

The How To Save & Accumulate $1 Million Seminar is a seminar which covers 3 main areas:
- The investing mindset
- Mitigating your risk through insurance
- Growing your wealth through various investment vehicles
This seminar lays the fundamental and provides the attendees with reasons why the rich becomes richer while the poor continue to lead a less desirable life.

Secrets to Making Money in Properties

Many people have a misconception that Property Investing is a lot riskier than other Investment vehicles like Stocks and Unit Trusts. However, we certainly wouldn’t think so and this Seminar will share with you why.
Most of the World’s Richest People accumulated their wealth through Property Investing and it serves to understand why are properties such lovable by the rich. Find out how you too can start investing in a property by attending this seminar.

Secrets to Making Money in Stocks

Have you lost money in Stocks? Have you asked yourself why? Majority of people tend to lose money in stocks because of the approach they use when buying a stock. If you are someone who gets tips from friends to help you decide which stock to buy, then you are in for a rough ride.
This seminar will share with you what are the factors to consider when investing in a stock; when to buy, when to sell, how to analyze if a stocks is selling at a discount, how to know if a company if having cash flow problems, etc. This seminar comprises of 80% Fundamental Analysis and 20% Technical Analysis and is a must attend for anyone who wants to seriously make money from the Stock Market.

Trainers Print E-mail
  • Pioneer graduate and trainer for Dennis Ng’s programmes
  • Increased her opportunity fund by 500% in 3 years and retired from glitz, glamour and stress of the advertising world
  • Professional Short Course Lecturer at  LASALLE College of the Arts for the last three years
  • Re-published the classic The Science of Getting Rich with additional exercises at the end of each chapter
  • Founder of - an educational platform that spreads essential knowledge not taught in schools
  • 12 years of corporate experience at global advertising agencies winning more than 80 international and local awards Investing Mentor with MasterYourFinance.Com

  • Real estate consultant (MBA, Cert in CEHA)
  • Over 10 years of personal investment experiences:- 
                    - Started with $80K for home purchase property
  •                 - Started with $120K for investment property
  •                 - Current investment portfolio is in the millions
  • Residential/Commercial/Industrial property brokerages (new launch, resale & en bloc)
  • Became a cycle investor after graduating from Dennis' seminar
  • Volunteers at Family Center and Children Home
  • Investing Mentor with MasterYourFinance.Com

  • Trainer for Iphone App Development
  • Recipient of Stars of Shine, Youth Venturer Award by National Youth Council
  • Graduated from Founders Institute
  • Sought after speaker in areas of Inspiration & Iphone Applications
  • Featured in Business Times, Money Mind, CNA, Today, Zao Bao and many others
  • Help steered his family from a major Financial Crisis after attending Dennis’ course
  • Diligently helping to spread Dennis’ teachings so that more people can benefit from it

  • Highest Qualifications: Masters of Science (National University of Singapore)
  • Recipient of the DEAN'S List Award every term throughout entire varsity life.
  • Senior Researcher with top government agency specialized in materials science.
  • Inventor of several international patents and successfully collaborated with established industry partners in the
  • commercialization of innovative technologies.
  • Instrumental in the facilitation of new business development and market expansion strategies for SMEs.
  • Owner and Co-founder of 3 businesses:
  1. - GX Entertainment (since 1995) –
  2. - Gena Chen Academy –
  3. - Kindermusik With Love Studios Pte Ltd (International Brand) –
  • Founder of investment blog with a passion to share financial knowledge and experience with other like-minded investors. (Achieved 13,000 hits within 2 months)
  • Inspired by the teachings of investment guru Mr Dennis Ng, Jason seeks to further manifest his master’s financial philosophies and wisdom through conducting power-packed stocks and wealth management seminars.
  • By following Dennis Ng’s teachings, he successfully avoided the 2011 stock market correction and made money on the way up, as well as on the way down, in 2012.
  • Investing mentor with MasterYourFinance.Com


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