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Yaron Mazor - US Stocks Trading

Nov-2011   jointly organised by

Where & When will the event be Held?
Date:  22ndNovember 2011    0900 – 1700hrs    Mountbatten Square

Mr. Yaron Mazor  Date of Birth: April 4th, 1970

Mr. Mazor has been familiar with the capital markets since 1998. During the past 5 years, Mr. Mazor has been a day and swing stocks trader in the American market as well as mentoring and coordinating the activity of hundreds of traders, at interactive dealing rooms.

Mr. Mazor is a senior lecturer of short term trading in the American market. Among other activities, Mr. Mazor tutor day workshops and conventions and taught at the most exclusive schools of the trade.  In addition, he is the author of text books in the subject.

Mr. Mazor is formulating automatic trade strategies namely "Algotrading", in cooperation with mathematicians.  Those strategies are being implemented in the American market.  Mr. Mazor also writes strategies per order, for various organizations.

Presently, Mr. Mazor is in charge of the stocks dealing room of C-Broker academy of YouTrader.  Mr. Mazor writes a daily report of stocks trading information and market analysis.  In addition, Mr. Mazor presents about 4 trading tips of the day.   As part of his tutoring, Mr. Mazor openly trades with his personal account and all the traders can watch his stocks trading in real time.

Why Yaron Mazor?
His favorite word, “never ever lose money again” Yaron is an honest and has the highest level of integrity in teaching students and his audience how to make real money and doing it professionally.

Yaron don’t stop his session after his course he follow up’s with his entire students for many years by using iVocalise and trade with the students live on a daily basis. Yaron is highly respected by thousands of students and institution for his ability to make money consistently in the USA market.

Yaron has extensive experience in the most prestigious financial market in the industry - the US stock market. This market provides me with great opportunities of making money every day. He know how the market works, he know the institutional language and how they moving their large sums of money.

First of all he will give you a real sense of the trading day, he will show you a real time trading at his real account, Accompanied with explanations: why, when and how  he pick a trading idea and what strategy it is based on. When he will take the decision to open position, he will show you smart entries and exits points as the trade happen.

Then,  he will take you hand by hand and show you how to consistently make money every month. he will provide you with all the necessary tools and knowledge in order to find your own consistence strategy, money & risk management to independently reach your financial goals and harvest success. 

Before every trading day  he will send you a daily report that will provide you with market analysis and 4 hot trading ideas with smart enter and exits points. He will invite you to an online workshops and trading room, trade with a community and professional analysts that will help you learn how to trade stocks with confidence and Overcome fears. 

Why should you Attend?
A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.
                                                                                               Chinese Proverb
He will spent time to give you the finest tips on Stocks & Shares

Who can Attend?
Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.
                                                                           Chinese Proverb
Those who have deposited $10,000 into the FOREX Trading account.

How much is the Course Fees?  VVIP Members $FOC

What will Yaron Mazor Share?
His Personal experiences and also he will give you some stock picks and other great knowledge.

Knowledge holds a house of gold.
                                                     Thomas Mathew

Where & When will the event be Held?
Date:  22ndNovember 2011    0900 – 1700hrs


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