Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Wavy Tunnel - Jody Samuels Disciplined Trader

Name: "The Wavy Tunnel":  Surfing The Elliott Waves For MAXIMUM Profit by Jody Samuels

Market outlook using Wavy Tunnel on Daily and H4 for EUR-USD, S&P, Gold and Oil (below)

Date: Thursday, November  2, 2012 Time: 09:00AM (SIN)

Description: Do you place a trade and have no idea where to exit that trade?

Do you find that you buy tops and sell bottoms because you get caught up in the emotional frenzy of the market?

Wasting time and money?

Join Jody Samuels ( a veteran trader who traded for JP Morgan for 15 years) as she reveals the mystery behind riding the Elliott Waves using the “Wavy Tunnel”.  Stop hesitating on trades and toss your fear about losing money away!

Elliott Wave theory is based on the observations of Ralph Nelson Elliott, who noticed that waves behaved in pre-determined repetitive patterns. From her own personal trading experience and from coaching private clients, Jody realized that the knowledge and application of Elliott Wave theory was a large factor in transforming novice traders or unsuccessful seasoned traders into profitable traders. Add the “Wavy Tunnel Method” and start counting without really counting the waves!






Course Outline

Market outlook using Daily and H4 for EUR-USD, S&P, Gold and Oil

8-week course on Wavy Tunnel at US1,297 for attendee $200 discount to US1,097.

p/s: Wavy Tunnel looks very similar to the  Grab 34 MA Tunnel, with a small TF MA channel acting as a TP or SL exit point

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