Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Non Directional Trading - Dave Foo 4Jan2014

Dave Foo at TRT Open House on 4Jan2014

He uses ThinkorSwim his live account to illustrate his two live options position on ES (S&P) and NG (Natural Gas)


NDT (Non Directional Trading ) Preview by Dave Foo  on 20 Nov 2012 TRT

use 3 4D tickets to demonstrate Options Contracts expiring worthless
minority 4 who answered never buy 4D in life – given a free DVD worth $247
DVD Contents: Iron Condo and Double Calendar on equity options

Soup of the day:
Trading concepts and stories telling
Trade records: 64% in 2.8years

Main Course:
Sell / Short Strangles to generate income, and Adjustment
between high line and low line and allow expiring worthless
Sell Put at lower strike at low probability
Sell Call at higher strike at low probability
High probability to keep premium
Products 4 out of 7 Futures (CL, ES, ZB, ?, ZC, ZW, ZS, no currency futures too volatile )

Day1: Options principles by Thomas Saw of TRT
Day2: Main Course by Dave Foo
Night1-5: Night Live Trading Demonstrations by Dave Foo
Night1-5: Students trade Demo account only because of lacking adjustment knowledge.

$2488 ( $2288 if skip Day1 )



Non-Directional Trading (NDT), Dave Foo                   Nov-2012

We are happy to announce our brand-new collaboration with Dave Foo of Delta-Neutral Trading.
Dave will be presenting his long-running Delta-Neutral Trading (DNT) event, expanded from the previous 2.5-day course into a 3-month-long programme. The programme is meant for existing Options traders and trades Options on Futures.
You probably want to be keeping your eye on this: Dave's track record over the last 3 years (2010-2012) has been more than 300%!

Previews: 7.30-9.30 pm, Nov 20 and 27 2012
Dates: Theory - 10-5, Dec 8 and 9; Market - 8.30-12.30 pm, Dec 14 and 20; Jan 11 and 24 2013; Feb 21 2013
Cost: $2,488 (on Preview days); $2,688 (until 30 Nov); $2,888 (after 30 Nov)
Link: NDT Registration


http://www.nondirectionaltrading.com        Oct-2012

"Losing money becomes difficult if you know the rules of the Game" 

Dave Foo

Option trading course - around S$2,500.



Course Content

Day 1 - Basic (9am - 5pm) Saturday

Trading is a War Zone
Why Options Trading
Basic Introduction to the world of Options Trading - Call and Put
Options Greeks - Delta, Theta
Options Volatility - Is Options Volatility really that important?
Stocks Options vs Futures Options
Why Sell Options?
Why not Stocks Options?
Iron Condor - Non Directional Trading
Strategy 1 - Short Strangle - The strategy that make money 95% of the time
Which Strike to Choose? The How and the Why?
Probabilities trading
Rolling and adjusting your Strangle
Day 2 - Advanced (9am - 5.00pm) Sunday

1st day recap follow by Q&A
Time Value and how to calculate how much Options is losing everyday
Strategy 2 - OPM Trade - Other People Money strategy
Which Strike to Choose? The How and the Why?
Probabilities trading
Rolling and adjusting your OPM
Defending your trade
Alert System
Day 3 - Trading Demostration (7pm - 10pm) Monday

More rolling Technique
A Truly Non Directional Market (Strangle + OPM)
Money Management and Margin Control
Trading Demonstration (Education Purpose only) 7.00pm - 10.00pm


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