Sunday, November 4, 2012

Secret of Achiving Financial Freedom - Cayden and Sean Seah

Value Investing Workshop  -     7Nov12  7pm-10pm

Secret of Achiving Financial Freedom Using only 15min per month - Cayden and Sean Seah    Mind Kinesis Management

Venue:   100A Eu Tong Sen Street , #04-11   Pearls Centre Office Podium , S(059813)

1st Time Ever - An evening with Cayden Chang & Sean Seah, the Buffettologists - by Mind Kinesis Value Investing Academy.

Gain a close up, exclusive STEP-BY-STEP insight to HOW Warren Buffett invests.

Live! with Cayden Chang & Sean Seah who has brought Mary Buffett, International Best Selling Author of 8 Warren Buffett related books, ("The Buffettology", "The Warren Buffett Stock Portfolio", "The Tao of Warren Buffett" and many more), to Singapore.

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