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Trading Success - The Winning Formula Ray Barros

Winning Formula for Trading Success by Ray Barros at Peninsula Excelsior Hotel Ballroom on 11Nov12 Sat (9am - 5pm). About 350 pax attended. General Tier is free ticket.

Premium Tier: $25 (Only 100 places available!)
  • Upfront seating
  • Priority registration
  • Exclusive follow-up class for premium registrants: “Ray Barros will guide participants in this class in applying the theories learnt from the seminar to the real world. At these sessions, you will put theory into practice and you can ask any questions that you may have. The follow-up session will be conducted on 26 November 7pm-10pm”
Seminar Synopsis:
To provide attendees with new tools to succeed at trading. Ray Barros will be providing original material that will give the attendee a unique opportunity for success in the markets. Since 90% of traders fail at trading, this one-day program can be your basis for joining the successful 10%.

Success in the markets is the product of: Winning Psychology x Risk Management x Written Plan

Winning Psychology: The Ten Top Tasks for Trading Success: Provided in the class is a working definition of Winning Psychology and show each of the tasks contributes to a trader's success. Most of these tasks are not carried out by the majority of traders.

Risk Management: A New Approach to Position Sizing: This unique method makes an impact! In a test, starting with $50,000.00 and using the normal method of position sizing (risking 2% per trade), the plan produced a profit of $10,000.00 i.e. a 20% return. Applying this method to the same results, produced a profit of $90,000.00! This increase in profit was accompanied by only a marginal increase in risk.

Written Trading Plan: A Plan for Trending Markets: The presentation will show the essential elements of a trading plan with an edge. It will demonstrate those elements with a novel twist to a traditional technical tool: the humble trend channel. The result however, is a dynamic plan for any timeframe - day trader, swing trader or position trader.

Morning Session:

Ray Barros:   Trading Success

Trading is a zero sum game.  For every winner that is one opposite loser.
There are 20% winners and 80% losers. Of the 20% winners there is another 20% super successful winners.
If you are the 80% loser category, most likely you are doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different result. You need to change your trading pattern and behaviour.

Nature of market is RANDOM and UNCERTAIN.

Trade-by-trade basis, everybody can win thru luck. Or even with a series of winning trades, but may hit by one big loss. So MANAGE RISK is one of the keys to success.

Need to change behaviour to go from point A to point B.

Need to acknowledge the weakness and acquire it knowledge to change it.

Know something is good but not enough. Must be willing to change and do it is the key.

Current Reality --> Explore Alternative --> Plan, Act, Review, Adjust --> Success

Need some motivation to get it thru and change. Motivation - Money, Income, Better Life Style...

Major key is to manage a series of losing period psychology. Control emotion as we have no choice to feel the stress due to anxiety but we have choice not to react to it.

You need to have a strong desire to change. Only when you want to succeed as badly as you want to breath then you have the secret of success.

Kurt.Petersen - Winning Psychology  (60%)

It is ME that is in control of my trades!

Consistent execution and follow your trading rules and risk management without emotion is the key to winning psychology.

How to manage uncertainty? You have no choice on to feel the fears because of anxiety.

Four emotional fear


by Geoff Schwartz - four Rs to manage fear in the market:

Eight Steps to REFOCUS:
1. Stay Out of Market
2. Self Analysis
3. Low Risk Trading (low risk entry zone and high probably trade)
4. Stalking (Patient, wait for price come to you)
5. Execute (see the trade, take every trade that fulfill your trading rules)
6. Monitoring (exit losing trade, reduce initial risk or take profit if meet target)
7. Debriefing (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly)
8. Repeat step 1 to 7.

Kane.Petersen    Risk Management    (30%)  

Maximise Profitability and Minimise Risk of Ruin

Expectancy Return = (Average $Win x Win Rate) - (Average$loss x Loss Rate)

Mechanical System by Robert Hanna

Element of Risk Management
Trade Management
Money Management

What is the number of contract per trade?
What is the risk per trade of my capital case?
When and how to allocate capital after Wins/Losses?
What is my portfolio system risk?
Position Sizing

Afternoon Session

Ray Barros   Written Trading Rules   (10%)

Written Trading Rules is the Certainty of Uncertainty
Look for optimal probability of success with highest probility and highest reward
The Wyckoff model
Three skill top trading - Hank Pruden
Identify Trend (Uptrend, Downtrend, Sizeways)
Low Risk Entry (Contracton in range, indication of contracting interest)
- Zones, Setups, Entry & Initial Stop, Risk Management
Trade Management


Acquire the trading skills and wisdom to secure your financial future, for a lifetime of success and security with Barrometrics.
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Habits of Trading Success

Dates Seminars: 23 and 24 Feb 2013 (9am to 5pm)
Live Sessions: 4, 7, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25 and 27 Mar 2013 (7pm to 10pm)
Price SGD $3,995 (Deposit of SGD $500) - Attendee S$2,995


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