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Asia Charts Stock & FX Trading - CK Ee - Cheif Trainer CK EE

Darvas Box and Turtle trading method:
Box top:  High not taken out for at least 3 days
Box bottom:  Low not taken out for at least 3 days
Entry when break out box top or box bottom.

3 Essentials:
Trader's Psychology
Money Management
Trading Method

Strategies must have good risk/reward ratio, small losses but big profits.

PF  (Profit Factor) = Profit x no. or profit trades / Loss x no. of loss trades

To have big PF:
1.  Increase profit per trade
2.  Cut down whipsaw
3. Trade the most promising signals (or stocks)
4. Ride on a strong trending signal (stock) in a bullish market (shortest time, bigger profit)
5. Strong trending (Turbo Trend) stocks
   -  Super stocks, multiple baggers, monster, parabolic trend

Key factors:
1.  A trending indicator
2.  Identify a safe entry zone
3.  Ride on strong trend

1. MACD cross over
2. ADX > 4 pt for last 2 days

Super Rally Trading Course Package

At Asia Charts, we are passionate about stock trading and our goal is to create a community of stock traders who knows how to make money from their own trading decisions rather than relying on ‘tips’ and ‘recommendations’ from others.

However, this does not happen overnight or over a day or 3-days seminar unless you are a super-fast learner. Therefore we have designed a course package that anyone, even someone without any stock trading experience, can master the skills and system to make money from the stock market. Ultimately, our course package can mould you into a full-time trader if you choose to.

Besides conducting a 2-day seminar, we are the only stock trading education provider that offers daily live coaching at our premises because we are genuine day traders and not just some hyped-up seminar speakers. In fact, Asia Charts is fast becoming known as a Stock Trading School rather than just a Stock Trading Seminar provider.

When you sign up for our Super Rally Trading Course Package, you are entitled to:

2-Days Super Rally Trading Seminar
Free admission to our ‘How To Use MetaStock’ trainings (Monthly)
Free admission to our Follow-up sessions (Monthly)
and Gatherings (Ad-hoc)
Complimentary use of Traders Hub for one month
Free access to our SR Traders Club online forum


Super Rally Trading Seminar
When you attend our 2-days Super Rally Trading Seminar, you will find that our syllabus is easy to understand yet comprehensive that even experienced traders can vouch for. That is because we tackle the fundamentals and we also teach advanced Stock Market Trading Strategies in a clear and succinct manner (Course materials will be provided)

Here is what we will cover in the seminar:

Pillars of Successful Trading
Before jumping into the Super Rally Trading Systems, it is important to cover some of the basic fundamentals a trader should have, namely the Trading Psychology of A Successful Trader and Money Management Skills.

In the Trading Psychology module, you will learn why you need a trading plan and how to equip yourself with the right mindset to be successful.

Money Management rules are often disregarded when traders get too ‘greedy’ or when they let their emotions take over the trading plan. That is the reason why you hear of investors losing their fortune or worse, raking huge debts because of trading losses.

In this module, you will learn how to determine your risk tolerance to avoid trading in an uncomfortable level that puts you in unnecessary risk. You will be amazed how some simple rules to determine your ‘position sizing’ (how many stocks to buy for any given trade) can make a big difference in your trading success.

Super Rally Position Trading System
This system allows traders to capture Runaway Stocks, that is stocks that will have a significant uptrend over time. These are the stocks that can bring the most profits but the common mistake inexperienced traders make is to sell their stocks too early because they are too anxious take profits for fear of losing them thus missing out on a major wealth creation opportunity.

We will teach you how to identify stocks that has potential to ‘Run Away’, when to buy up more when you have hit a winner (pyramiding) and how to ‘let the profits run’ by using proper exit strategies instead of ‘guessing’ the price to sell.

Unlike Intra-day trading or short-term trading, this technique does not require the trader to ‘monitor’ the stock counter closely as the objective is to ride the entire trend and capturing profits. This is most suitable for investors who cannot afford the time to ‘track’ stocks closely every day.

Super Rally Swing Trading System
SR Swing Trading System is a momentum-based trading technique that allows you to skim the market and consistently capture profits from short term market movements.

This is very useful to generate cash-flow as the trades are very short-term, typically not lasting more than a week. Experienced traders can use this technique for contra-trading and also use this to capture the short side of the market thereby benefiting from a fall in price. This is especially good for those who want to trade in a bear market.

You will learn how to identify stocks that has potential for a swing trade, when to buy and when to sell.

Besides these 3 main modules, we will also cover many other modules for example how to trade IPO stocks, setups like the ‘Small Dipper’, ‘Big Dipper’, ‘Contraction breakout’ and exit strategies such as ‘Initial Stop Loss’, ‘Trailing Stop Loss’, ‘Partial Profit Exit’ and ‘Time Exit’.

At the end of the seminar, you will be presented with a personalized CD containing
8 proprietary formula to screen for suitable stocks and to manage your open positions.You can re-attend the 2-day Seminars as often as you like by paying a nominal charge to cover the hotel/venue expenses for every re-sit.


How To Use MetaStock
MetaStock is a well known Technical Analysis software created by Equis International, a Reuters company. MetaStock is widely used by serious traders and has won multiple awards including the recent 2008 Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities (TASC) Reader’s Choice awards and having won at least one TASC Reader’s Choice Awards for 16 consecutive years.

At Asia Charts, we use various charting software and MetaStock is one that we highly recommend because it is easy to use yet very powerful when coupled with good MetaStock formula.

We conduct training sessions on how to use MetaStock every month at our training facilities. (Training manual will be provided) Once enrolled in our course, you can attend this training as many times as you like.

Follow-up sessions and Gatherings

Every month, we provide follow up sessions to handle any questions you may have about the Super Rally Trading System and also provide an update of recent stock movements. These sessions are useful for you to reinforce what you have learnt and also tackle the issues you have after putting what you have learnt into practice.

Occasionally we would also organize gatherings or talks to update our students on the recent market outlook and topics related to your financial well-being.

All our students can attend these sessions for free.

Traders Hub
For those who aspire to be day traders, this is the ultimate facility and environment to ‘incubate’ your career. This is one of our unique offering that allows you to learn first hand how we trade during the day.

Every morning, our trainers will provide a briefing on what they observe on the market and to help students know what stocks to focus on throughout the day. At the end of the day, we will provide a debrief on the market.

As all students have complementary access to the Traders Hub for a month, students are highly encouraged to attend these daily live coaching sessions. We even have students who managed to recoup their investment in the course fees from these sessions even before they actually attend the 2-day SR Trading Seminar!

SR Traders Club Online Forum
This is another strong feature of our course. After attending the SR Trading Seminar, you can check whether you are doing your ‘homework’ correctly by tallying the stocks that you selected with the stocks that we highlight in the SR Traders Club Forum.

In this forum, we will post stocks that have the potential to ‘run’ with their respective price for your entry and exit decisions.

Also, this forum provides you an avenue to clarify what you have learnt if you are unable to come down personally to our training premises for our sessions.

All our students have lifetime access to this forum.

To enroll for our Super Rally Trading Course package, please download the Registration Form here, complete it and mail it to the following address, accompanied with a cheque payment of $200 or RM400 as deposit

Asia Charts Pte Ltd
111 North Bridge Road,
#13-04 Peninsula Plaza
Singapore 179098

Asia Charts Marketing and Services Sdn Bhd
D-2-31, Jalan Kuchai Maju 1, Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.


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