Sunday, September 20, 2009

T3BForex - Clarence Chee

T3B Forex is founded by a professional forex trader name Clarence Chee.

” Currently leading the largest community of profitable Forex Tradings In Singapore “…

He is the sole developer of the Dynamite Forex System and the Profit in Pivot System ( PIPS ).

Clarence Chee started T3B Forex Club & has been coaching a growing group of successful retail investors & trades privately on how to profit consistently from the lucrative forex market.


Here’s Some Of The Highlights You Would Get To Learn From His Forex Trading Course In Singapore :

( 2.5 Days Forex Training Workshop )

- Clarence Chee’s 2 powerful and profitable systems namely :

1) The Dynamite TNT Forex Trading System

Trends - Identifying whether the current TREND has sufficient momentum to maintain its direction.

Turns - Identifying whether the TURN made by a trend is reversal (ie a change in the direction of the major trend) or a retracement (ie a technical correction with no change in direction of the major trend).

Timings - Entering the market at the right TIMING when the trend has gathered sufficient momentum.

Targets - Placing TARGET Profit with a low risk-reward ratio and stop-loss TARGET to limit any potential loss.

The Dynamite TNT Forex System offers SIX different Trading Strategies for different Forex market conditions:

Retracement Market Method - New Current Trend

Retracement Market Method - Continuation of Current Trend

Running Market Method - Effective for News Trading

Ranging Market Method - Effective when market is ranging

Rollover Market Method - Short Swing up to 2 weeks

Rollover Market Method - Long Swing up to a few months

2) The Profit-In-Pivot Forex Trading System

The PIPS forex trading system is based on trending price action, where decision to enter or exit the forex market is made when the current price candles is “near” the PIPS Weekly Pivot.

The system can be used for both day trading and swing trading.

By using the proper technical indicators, we are able to stay in the trend for as long as possible, which enables us to maximise our profit.


Here’s What The Students Have To Say After Attending His Forex Trading Course In Singapore :

” So far TNT works best in my forex trading. It’s simple and easy to understand which I think is very important to newbies as it’s easy to start.”
- Irene Rexlee

” Good strategies and system with very strict and serious coach with complete passion and dedication. Coupled with your own hardwork, discipline with abundant support & review after course, you will be able to pick up the skill and hone them fast to reap the rewards.”
- Wendy Tan

” The TNT forex trading system community spirit has been excellent, especially for people who have no prior experience in trading. The people in the community really take time and effort to help bring newbies up to par, help with troubleshooting and increase learning experience.”
- Jeffrey Teo

” The difference between a true coach like Clarence is that he NEVER once claim you can make a million bucks from a dollar. All trading needs hard work and practice and success will follow!!! I am very happy to be his student.”
- Dean Ng


If you’re keen on Clarence Chee’s Forex Trading Course in Singapore..

They have a weekly Free Forex Seminar For You To Get a Good Preview too.


Here’s What You Would Get To Learn At The Free Forex Seminar :

- Why spot forex trading is fast becoming popular amoung the “smart” investors today.

- How our “live” traders are achieving a consistent success rate of more than 80% monthly by using our forex trading strategies.

- How our “live” traders are profiting from the stock and commodity markets by trading the spot forex market.

- How our life-time support can help you achieve the same performance as out ” live” traders.

- How to be part of our growing community of profitable forex traders.


You Can Register For Your Free Preview Simply :

By Phone : 6734 2596

Or Sms < name & date > to 9667 4562

Email :



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