Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Global Capital Markets Forex, Stocks, Indices, CFD, Commodities


Discover New Trading Opportunities With Global Capital Markets.

We are here to equip you with World Class trading strategies and tools for FOREX, Stocks and CFD, and Commodities.

Our objective is to assist you in generating ADDITIONAL financial opportunities, getting out of the rat race and achieve financial intelligence. We structure our programs to be very practical and focused, so that you can reap the learning benefits sooner.

Our program is probably one of the best in the market as we teach both FUNDAMENTAL and TECHNICAL analysis. We believe fundamentals are very important as these determine major market direction moves - we then combine our trademark GoldMiningTM Strategies technical analysis to pinpoint exact entry and exit points.

In addition, we also teach you to manage your emotions/psychology and money when you trade – further enhancing your knowledge.

To ensure students get practical hands on experience, our program includes LIVE Trading Sessions and regular FREE tutorial sessions. Our program uses what we believe to be top-notch world class software and real-time data. Our students DO NOT need to pay for the software and there is NO yearly subscription.

Why choose GCM?
World Class Strategies.
Attain financial knowledge with our GoldMiningTM Strategies.
A range of knowledge tools available to suit your trading style.
Practical Approach. Easy-to-follow system
FREE Software
NO yearly subscription
UNIQUE program that combines Fundamental Analysis with Technical Analysis
LIVE trading sessions
Regular FREE hands-holding mentoring sessions
Our specialized programs:
• Stocks. Indices. CFD
• Commodities

Global Capital Markets Pte Ltd

Orchard Shopping Centre
321 Orchard Road
Singapore 238866

Tel : +65 8382 1818
Fax : +65 6836 9872


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