Monday, September 21, 2009

SGX Singapore Exchange

SGX was inaugurated on 1Dec1999, following the merger of two established and well-respected financial institutions - the Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES) and the Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX). On 23Nov2000, SGX became the first exchange in Asia-Pacific to be listed via a public offer and a private placement.

Conduct investment courses and investment product seminars such as

Extended Settlement (ES) contracts - forward contract that allow investors to buy into, or short, any of 72 listed securities by locking in the price on the day of the trade. Investors only need to pay an initial margin of the full price of the contract to start trading, and a longer settlement time, up to 35 days later.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) - open-ended investment funds listed and traded intraday on a stock exchange. They aim to track the performance of an index and provide access to a wide variety of markets and asset classes. ETFs offer efficiency, transparency and flexibility to investors who wish to diversify their investment via a single.

Professional Trading - Become a SGX Trading Member
Supported by: Association of Financial and Commodity Traders and UOB Bullion and Futures
Make Trading Your Career Tday. Kick Start Your Professional Trading Career by Attending SGX Academy Professional Trading Courses* and Be Mentored by Accomplished Traders.

Career and Course Previews
Find out more from SGX Certified Professional Trainers, Leonard (LED) and Tom Yuen (YCK).



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