Sunday, September 20, 2009

PowerUp Capital FX, Options, Stocks - Kishore M

PowerUp Capital by Kishore M.

Especially with his favorite slogan like this :


Krishore M is one of the World renowned Forex trader + HedgeFund manager..

He has been featured in Bloomberg TV, Channel NewsAsia, ” MoneyMind”, BBC, Dow Jones as well as NewsWire.

Some Of Kishore’s Forex Trading Course Highlights Are :

- Best After Course Support

- Weekly Coaching for 1 Year Absolutely Free

- Only Course That Offers Daily SMS/Email Alerts and Live Trading Session To Students

- And more..


Here’s Some Highlights Of What You Would Get To Learn From His Forex Trading Course :

( 3 Days Forex Trading Workshop )

- Forex Trading Brain Transplant - even if you have zero experience, you can start trading like an expert

- What are the major trading currencies in the market - picking the correct currencies can make you thousand of dollars

- Special characteristics of every major currencies - you will discover the trick to make decision what to trade every single day

- A detailed step by step tutorial setting you off on the right foot by introducing you to a forex broker that is honest and reliable

- How much you should invest in each trade

- What is the most important thing in trading that 90% of the traders ignore

- Finally revealed - the 10 traits that all traders must develop and attain in order to make over $100,000 in a single year

- Step by step plan in generating $2000 a week, which is more than $100,000 in your first year of trading

- Exact Buy/ Sell signals for different currencies each week

- The exact entry points and exact exit points of each of the trades

- Their 100% accuracy forex trading technique

- And more…


Some Testimonials From Students Whom Attended The Forex Trading Courses In Singapore :

” I started trading with $5,000 and today I have $11,000 in my FX account ! “ Rajesh Kudre

” I made $7,000 1 day trading FX ” Aye Aye

” I started trading with $2,200 and my profits are showing $33,000 in 4 months “ Zolene Chui

” I have turned US$27,500 into US$183,000 in 2 months ( Nov - Dec 2005 )!” Mr Robby Hadiasal


If You are keen On Their Forex Trading Courses In Singapore…

You can also check out their Weekly Free Forex Seminar For a Preview first..


Here’s what You Would Get To Learn In The Free Seminar :

- Know when to enter and exit with accuracy

- How you could turn $2,000 into $10,000 in a short period

- Anyone can learn how to do trade forex profitably. No experience required.

- Recover money lost in stocks, options and CFDs by trading Forex.

- How you can generate 20% - 40% returns monthly. Earn daily interest as well.

- And much more..


Register For Your Seat Is Easy, Simply :

By Phone : Call 6473 5343

or SMS 9363 6723

Email :



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