Sunday, September 20, 2009

Champion Hub - Donnie, Kervin John, Paul, Ronald

ChampionHub (formerly SmartForex) has a website at:

ChampionsHub Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company and managed by a team of five seasoned professionals Donnie Tay, Kervin De Silva, John Loh, Paul Li and Ronald Tan with many years of experience in investment training & events marketing.

Currently, one of our best selling products is the "1-Day Champion Forex Hands-On Marathon Workshop" @ SGD790 which covers:

FX Technical Analysis & Charting System
Concept of Trends
Fibonacci Retracements & Extensions
Candlesticks & Bar Formations
Big Western Patterns (I), (II) & (III)
The Champion TimeFrame, Trending & Breakout Systems TM
BTAP - 7 "Breakout" strategies
Understanding Different Order Types
Fundamental Analysis of the FX Markets
Hands-On Charting & Trading Platforms
'Live'; Trading - Demo & Mini Accounts

ChampionsHub is also the organizer of The Singapore Forex Trading Meetup Group with a size of 150 members, regularly meetup with members with a common interest on Forex Trading. Occasionally, external invited speakers & other investment related events are organized too.


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