Sunday, September 20, 2009

TerraSeeds Forex Tflow - Binni Ong

TerraSeeds Chief Trainer Ms Binni Ong.

What is driving force behind Tflow®

Fibonacci Ratios are the key drivers behind Tflow®. Fibonacci Ratios can be used to predict forex very well like the chart below. See how USDSGD stops exactly at 76.4 percent ratio where the price can be told precisely. What do you learn in the course? We teach you how draw Points 1 and 2 so that you can predict Point 3. We will also teach you what to do when price comes to the predicted Point 3 including how to trigger, where to put stop loss and how to set profit target.

Forex Tflow - 4-week structured training with live practical hands-on trading for Intraday, Swing or Position Trading in the currency

Practical Technical Analysis (PTA) - Stock Market Trading Course using Technical Analysis ideal for Novice& Experienced Traders & Investors

MACD Strategy - Screen explosive, high profit, high probability stocks with MACD and price patterns. Ideal for Singapore & US Stock Market

Stochastic Candlesticks & Momentum - A 12-hour high powered course on that can be used in Singapore Stocks, Futures, Options and Forex trading.


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