Monday, September 21, 2009

TASS Technical Analysis Society - AGM 1Nov12

AGM  - 1Nov12 Thursday 6.30pm - 730pm

Non-commercial organisation, careful in choosing speakers, no commercial agent connect, unbiased, honour any technique and methodology.

Open to all individuals who are interested in Technical Analysis.

Management Structure
President - Wang Tao
Vice President - Lim Tat Seng
Secretary - Sunny Chong
Treasurer - Christina Ng

Balance sheet
Members          Renewal 70 + New 52 (2012)       vs      Renewal 70 + New 61 (2011)
Membership fee collected    S$13,570 (2012)        vs     S$17,778 (2011)
Cash balance                       S$59,111                    vs     S$55,010
Expenses                             S$15,265                   vs      S$22,691

President:      Mr Wang Tao
Mr. Wang Tao enjoys more than 15 years' experience in technical analysis. He is currently market analyst with Thomson Reuters Singapore, C & E editorial. His past titles are the associate director with UBS technical strategy group, VP/TA with MF Global and Refco. His analyses and trading advices cover a wide scope of assets, FX, commodities, and stock index. His TA articles appeared in UK, Australia and local magazines. He is a frequent speaker with The Singapore Exchange on investment seminars and workshops, he also traveled a lot in Southeast Asia region to conduct workshops and seminars on technical analysis and trading strategy. He is now Director at Large with International Federation of Technical Analysts. He holds an MBA Finance degree.

 Vice-President:     Mr Lim Tat Seng
Mr. Lim is an IT professional, develope interest using Technical Analysis for investment & trading decision since early 90s. He is a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) as well as a full member of Society of Technical Analysts, UK (MST A).

Treasurer:     Ms Christina Ng Soon Yin
Ms Christina enjoys 15 years of working life as Secretary and Administrator, and another 10 years experience of Operation Manager in a Computer-Related Co. She has started investing at the age of 21st on Insurance, Unit Fund and Equity and is much interested in investing on FX and Equity Index Futures.

Secretary    Mr Sunny Chong
Mr. Sunny Chong is a Prudential Financial Adviser and an Associate Financial Planner. Holding a Bachelor Degree in Computing & Information Systems from University of London, he comes to know about Technical Analysis since 2003 and hence he has been using it in stocks, unit trusts and fund investment. He is now helping others in financial planning.

Technical Analysts Society Singapore (TASS,) is a non-profit organisation which serves as a forum for traders and investors interested in using Technical Analysis methodologies for their trading and investment. Established in Year 2000.

Members Benefits:
As a TASS member, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

Attend monthly meeting without charges, non-members are required to pay $20 or $30 nominal fee.
Gain access to restricted web contents, where you may find research materials, educational. articles,market forecasting reports and analysis contributed by various parties.
Access to wide variety fo Trading, TA & Investment related books from TASS library.
List your own website on TASS.
Satisfied pre-requisites of Professional CFTe Certification Exam offer by IFTA.
Web access to IFTA Newsletters, TASS Newsletters.
Entitle to IFTA Journal, which is publish annually.
Attend annual IFTA Conference at a discounted rate.
Networking among members & speakers.

Initial joining fee (Singapore-Based) : S$145 per year (Administration fee S$45 & membership fee S$100)
Initial joining fee (Overseas-based) : S$110 (via Telegraphic Transfer)
Annual Renewal : S$100 per year

September Event -- Technical Analysis for Short-Term Traders (Video Screening)
Title: Technical Analysis for Short-Term Traders (Video Screening)
Date: 28 Sep 2009, Monday
Time: 7:00 - 9:00PM
Venue: SCCCI exhibition room, 2nd floor
Fee: TASS members FOC, Public to pay $20/=
Speaker: Martin Pring -

Details :

One of the greatest technicians in the industry has taken one of his best courses and made it even better with new tactics, new examples and his sharp and straight-forward insights. Traders' Hall of Fame Award Winner, Martin Pring, walks you through how to indentify the trends, confirm the trends, and then apply short-term tactics to exploit the trends.

Inevitably, technicals don't always follow the rules -- the key is to be able to recognize this and be positioned to react. With his years of expertise, he offers unique and valuable guidelines for combining market psychology with technical analysis to protect your gains. You will see the explosive trades that others often miss.

This high powered video course will shows you :
- Peak & Trough analysis
- The 3 rules for determining the significance of a trendline - how strong it is and how long will it continue
- How to put the trend in context using multiple timeframes to even further increase your accuracy
- Way to use technical to place optimal stops
- Tactics for using these techniques in various markets - FX, Stocks, commodities
- What a retracement can tell you and why you shouldn't trade until you know hat it can do for your account
- How to recognise exactly when support & resistance have been established and how to use it to trade effectively
- One and Two bar price patterns
- Outside Bar, Two Bar Reversal & Pinocchio Bar
- Brokers as a leading market indicator

Pring opens his play book and gives you the knowledge you need to find trades, see the entry and exit points, and create the stops to make sure you get out with more money. This course will provide valuable insight to your successful trading.

Read More

CFTe Certification - 7 Oct 2009 (Wed) - for Level-2 ONLY
Certified Financial Technician (CFTe Level-2) - Certification Exam

IFPAS (Insurance & Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore)
7, Hong Kong Street
Singapore 059650
Tel : (65) 65351221
Room: NTUC Room at Level 3 (turn left after coming out of lift)
Exam date: October 7, 2009 (Wed)
Exam time: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Remarks : Please be there for registration 15 mins before exam starts.

How to get there:
NorthSouth line -or- EastWest line:
City Hall exit B
Take any bus at the bus stop near the exit, alight at the 2nd bus stop (Boat Quay stop)
Walk across the road into Hong Kong Street, IFPAS building is somewhere at the middle on the right.

NorthEast line:
Alight at Clarke Quay Station
Come out from The Central shopping mall
Walk across and go into Hong Kong Street
IFPAS is on the left

++ For CFTe Level-1: Registration starts in November with new format of ONLINE exam ++

Please watchout for announcement in IFTA website


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