Sunday, September 20, 2009

GFT Asia FX - Kathy Lien      

Kathy Lien was an Internationally Published Author and the Director of Currency Research of and GFT Asia FX.

Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg left GFT and form BK Asset Management from July-2012.

Day Trading
Breakout Price Scalp
  - use M15 time frame,
    identify range between 2pm-5am SG
    Buy stop and sell stop 10 pips above and below range
    TP and SL both 15 pips

London Fade  -  GBPUSD and EURUSD
new low range 20 pips below OP  1pm-2pm on M5
if reverses up penetrade the high, buy stop 10 pips above high.
TP and SL both 20 pips

Momentum Strategy
ccy pair move from above to below 20D EMA
MACD -ve within first 5-bar
Sell stop 10 pips below 20D EMA
SL 20 pips above 20D EMA
TP 40

Forex Masterclass
Three Trading Setups - The First Break, The Retrace and Perfect Order

Trading with Bollinger Bands

Trading News (Proactive Trading)- Avoid Non-Farm Payrolls and Central bank rate decisions, Trade on Retail Sales, CPI/PPI and Employment figures

Use Foresight-AI forecastor to trade News


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