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Non Directional Trading Options - Dave Foo Nov12

Dave Foo at TRT Open House  4Jan2014

He uses ThinkorSwim on his live ac to illustrate two options trade ES (S&P) and NG (Natural Gas)


Non-Directional Trading (NDT), Dave Foo                   Nov-2012

We are happy to announce our brand-new collaboration with Dave Foo of Delta-Neutral Trading.
Dave will be presenting his long-running Delta-Neutral Trading (DNT) event, expanded from the previous 2.5-day course into a 3-month-long programme. The programme is meant for existing Options traders and trades Options on Futures.
You probably want to be keeping your eye on this: Dave's track record over the last 3 years (2010-2012) has been more than 300%!

Previews: 7.30-9.30 pm, Nov 20 and 27 2012
Dates: Theory - 10-5, Dec 8 and 9; Market - 8.30-12.30 pm, Dec 14 and 20; Jan 11 and 24 2013; Feb 21 2013
Cost: $2,488 (on Preview days); $2,688 (until 30 Nov); $2,888 (after 30 Nov)
Link: NDT Registration

============================================================        Oct-2012

"Losing money becomes difficult if you know the rules of the Game" 

Dave Foo

Option trading course - around S$2,500.


Course Content

Day 1 - Basic (9am - 5pm) Saturday

Trading is a War Zone
Why Options Trading
Basic Introduction to the world of Options Trading - Call and Put
Options Greeks - Delta, Theta
Options Volatility - Is Options Volatility really that important?
Stocks Options vs Futures Options
Why Sell Options?
Why not Stocks Options?
Iron Condor - Non Directional Trading
Strategy 1 - Short Strangle - The strategy that make money 95% of the time
Which Strike to Choose? The How and the Why?
Probabilities trading
Rolling and adjusting your Strangle
Day 2 - Advanced (9am - 5.00pm) Sunday

1st day recap follow by Q&A
Time Value and how to calculate how much Options is losing everyday
Strategy 2 - OPM Trade - Other People Money strategy
Which Strike to Choose? The How and the Why?
Probabilities trading
Rolling and adjusting your OPM
Defending your trade
Alert System
Day 3 - Trading Demostration (7pm - 10pm) Monday

More rolling Technique
A Truly Non Directional Market (Strangle + OPM)
Money Management and Margin Control
Trading Demonstration (Education Purpose only) 7.00pm - 10.00pm

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