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Daily Markets FX - Grace Cheng

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Grace Cheng - author of “7 Winning Strategies For Trading Forex” (2007, Harriman House, UK).

Would You Like To Make Money Even As Markets Fall?

This is possible if you have the skills to trade forex. And you can do all this without monitoring the market constantly. With forex, you can profit whether a currency is moving up, down or sideways. It doesn’t require a lot of money to get started, you can open a forex trading account with only a few hundred dollars.

Concise and illustrated with real-life chart examples, the POWERFX Course™ comes with 42 lessons that teach you how you can trade the forex market profitably, and reveal how you can capture profits quickly with a high probability of success.

If you have the determination to succeed, the POWERFX Course™ is for you.
Grace Cheng’s PowerFX Course™ reveals:

1. High-Probability Trade Setups Which Can Be Implemented Immediately
2. Technical Analysis Tools That Work Very Well In Forex
3. Setups For Your Trading Screens
4. What Cause Big Movements in Various Currencies
5. The Fundamental Factors You Must Know
6. Effective Money Management Techiniques
7. Forex Trading Psychology
8. How You Can Create Your Own Trading Plan and Trading Journal
9. Bridging Of Technical and Fundamental Analysis
10. Trading Tips And Pointers Which Cannot Be Found In Any Books Or On The Internet

4 or 16 Weeks of Unlimited Email Support From Grace Cheng



This course will teach you the three main areas which are indispensable to forex trading success: Method, Money and Mind.

A. Introduction

1. How You Can Profit From The Forex Market

B. Tools to Identify High-Probability Trade Setups

The section seeks to teach you how to apply and decipher certain technical indicators to identify trending and ranging phases, spot predictable chart patters, and use certain rules to enter and exit a high-probability trade. There are hundreds and even perhaps thousands of technical indicators out there, with new ones being created every hour. Which are you going to use? Which ones do I use to profit from the currency market?

C. What Moves Currencies?

This section discusses the relevance of certain fundamental factors that impact the different currencies. Currency prices are primarily driven by fundamental shifts. When fundamental data is disseminated to the public, there is a reaction from investors and speculators, and that reaction drives the price movements. Since currencies are traded in pairs, you have to compare the fundamental outlook for one currency against that of another currency. This section will teach you which economic indicators are the most important to the various currencies, and reveal what are the fundamental factors you should look out.

D. Bridging Technical and Fundamental Analysis

It is best to use a combination of both technical and fundamental analysis to give you an edge over traders who use either technical analysis or fundamental analysis exclusively. Many Forex courses do not show you examples of how you can make the best of both worlds in order to maximise the probability of your trades, and hence, the conception of the “Bridging Technical and Fundamental Analysis” section of the course. Real-life chart examples are given of my own proven strategies of how to combine fundamentals with technicals for maximal probability of success.

E. PowerFX Trading Toolbox

Here I will teach you how you can create your very own trading plan, since having a trading plan customized to your own personality and style is essential to achieving long-term success in the Forex market. The reason why it is so difficult to replicate the results of a successful Forex trader if you were to use his or her trading system is due to the fact that differences exist in personalities and trading preferences. I will also show you my trading checklist, which I use for my own trading. Besides having a plan to succeed, you also need to know how to put together a trading journal. I will guide you along which components you should include in your journal, and what it can consist of, so that you can make full use of the journal to improve your own trading performance.

F. PowerFX Money Management

Why is it that many profitable positions turn into losses, and winning strategies result in losses instead of profits? When you have honed your trading strategy, the factor that will affect your overall profitability is your money management skills. In this section, we take a look at how we can minimize our risks in the Forex market. I will teach you my effective money management techniques to enable you to structure your own money management preferences.

G. PowerFX Trading Psychology

This section tackles the human factor in the performance equation of Forex trading. No matter how smart you may be about timing, market direction or economics, your trading psychology could turn against you, and can cause you to suffer huge losses. A winning trading system will not work unless you know your own strengths and weaknesses. “Mind over Market” will show how you, as a trader, can look into yourself, and exercise control over your emotions so that you can minimize the influence of your own emotions on your trading decisions.

H. Smart Tips And Tricks That Can Save You Big Money

36. More PowerFX Trading Tips

37. Common Mistakes Many Forex Traders Make, And How To Avoid Them

I. More High-Probability Trade Setups (New section)

Profitable trading does not have to be complicated. Here I will teach you how you can implement certain strategies immediately, with a high chance of profitability.

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7 Winning Strategies For Trading Forex - Grace Cheng

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