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Concept of Price Futures - Marcus Tay 19Feb2011

Last preview 19Feb2011 Swissoftel Merchant Court Hotel

Chief Futures Trainers - Marcus Tay
Emini-Russell Futures - Two hours trading time daily 930pm to 1130pm
3-day course fee S$3,500
VxChart - (168 lot volume-based chart) monthly S$50

"Create A 2nd Source Of Income With Just 2hrs A Day!"

3-day Price Rhythm Course
Day 1:
Understand the Psychology of the Markets
Master Price Rhythm. Understanding of Price Rhythm is the secret of profiting from the markets on a consistent basis
Know When Price is Losing Strength
Discover How to Accurately Time your Entry and Exit in the Marketplace
Find Out How to Identify Trends in the Marketplace and Take Advantage of them. Find trading opportunities in the direction of the trend
Master 2 Price Rhythm High SPeed strategies. Proven tested simple step by step easy to follow entry strategies Profitably trade

Day 2:
Understanding the Vital Relationship between different time frame charts.
Master 2 Price Rhythm High Speed strategies. Proven tested simple step by step easy to follow entry strategies Profitably trade
Learn When to Get in and How to Get Out of a Trade
Equipped Technically for Chart Set Up.
Application of all the Strategies guide by the trainer with moving charts

Day 3:
Understand Your Own Personal Trading Psychology
Master a Money and Risk Management System
Actual Trading Simulation
Review strategies learnt during course
Fine tune and optimize price techniques with moving charts

Marcus Tay: Let me tell you my story. It is a familiar story that most of you probably already know and are even living it. For 10 years, I worked as a financial planner. Although the work was fulfilling and I was well paid, it did not allow me quality time with my family. This was especially difficult for me as I have two young children who are growing up so quickly and I feel frustrated to miss out on their early years – their first taekwondo kick, ballet dance and other school performances.

It was time for a change.

I had only 3 options...

Option 1 – Look for another job that allows me more time with my family. But I realized that this will only be a temporary solution, as I have seen with my own eyes, many of my friends who, in their forties, face retrenchment. Even though many of them are experienced and highly qualified, they have difficulties finding jobs in the current economy, which favours younger graduates who are cheaper to hire.

Option 2 – Start my own business. But I did not know where to begin. Franchise? Network marketing? Land banking? All these did not appeal to me.

Option 3 – Trading. I have always been interested in trading. Famous traders like Warren Buffet and George Soros intrigued me. But I simply did not know where and how to start online trading. I have also heard many horror stories of people who got badly burnt in trading.

So I was determined to do it the right way. I attended many Options trading course previews. They were, and still are, predominant up till today. There was only 1 course that was offering Futures day trading. I chose that course primarily because the trading system claimed more than 90% accuracy. In addition, I'm a person who's averse to doing a lot of research. I can't read and understand companies' financial statements. I don't understand P/E ratio. The number of listed companies in the US alone simply boggled me!

Trading Futures offered me the opportunity to simply focus on just 1 index. With great expectations, I attended the course that claimed more than 90% accuracy. That's the sort of odds that I like. Almost a sure-win situation. However, with many who attended the course, I found that the claims were Not True. Even though I followed the techniques diligently, I was bleeding money. Where was the 90% accuracy, as promised?

The waiting time in between trades was also long – sometimes lasting for hours. Sometimes, it doesn't materialize at all. It was frustrating missing a trade entry after waiting for many hours just because I needed to step away from my computer for a break. It played on my psychological and emotional psyche and created havoc on my mind when I pushed for a trade, just to make a trade. Needless to say, my trading account reflected these bad trades. It doesn't make sense to me. Surely, there MUST be an easier way to make money without having to spend 5-6 hours every night monitoring the charts.

I refused to give up and started spending between 16-18 hours daily totally immersed in the study of the charts. Someone calculated that I've have put in close to 25,000 hours to date. I started analyzing the trades that I made. I put in more hours observing, especially the way price moves. I want to finish trading in 2-3 hours, not 5-6 hours. I've no regrets putting in these long hours, as they allowed me to watch and understand how price moves during real time. It was a defining moment for me when I realized that Price has a Rhythm and it allowed me to come up with new trading strategies that give me the profits I needed in a short time frame and that will allow me to take frequent trades every night. I will be honest with you – trading is not for the faint hearted. It requires you to have the discipline and courage to either take a trade without hesitation, or to let go of a trade when Price is telling you to let it pass.

With my new strategies, I found that my risk exposure in terms of time in trade is shortened. Typically, I'm in a trade for between 5-15 minutes making 183% returns and more consistently from the markets using Price Rhythm™ strategies. Trading High Speed Price Rhythm™ strategies has enabled me to be financially free and I have not looked back since…

On a personal level, the wonderful world of full-time trading has given me financial freedom and security and precious time to spend with my 2 young growing children. Be it a 2nd income, trading part-time or perhaps like me, full-time income working from home, your growing children, time for vacation or building your retirement nest. I want to share with you the life I have been blessed with, so that you too can break out of the rat race and live your dreams.

Phone: (65) 6100 1236
Mailing Address:

Concept of Price Pte Ltd
20 Maxwell Road #09-17
Maxwell House
Singapore 069113


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    Use HSPR (High Speed Price Rhythm)

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    3-Days trading course S$3,500

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