Sunday, September 20, 2009

Forex Asia Academy - Choo Koon Lip

Forex Asia Academy is founded by one of the yougest Forex education in the trading industry and his name it Choo Koon Lip.

He is also the Director and Chief Forex Educator of FOREX ASIA ACADEMY & ranked as one of the top Forex trainers by forex forums in Singapore.

His unique and specialized knowledge through his STRATEGY CREATION PROCESS(TM).

The comprehensive dissection of the currency market price movements through live market analysis — is renowned in the Forex Trading industry and features in various press media.


Here’s Some Highlights Of What You Would Get To Learn From His Forex Trading Course In Singapore :

( 2 Days Training Workshop + 3 Months Mentorship )

- You would get to learn the most practical Forex education and the most dynamic Forex strategies that are applicable to the ever-changing currency market.

- With the unique focus and specialized knowledge to trade the Forex market during Asian hours, FOREX ASIA ACADEMY empowers self-directed traders with the art and science of mainstream trading and the essential skills to trade Forex profitably.


Here’s What Some Of The Students Have To Say After Attending His Forex Trading Course In Singapore:

” I honestly think that what you taught is much superior to what I’ve learnt from the other forex teacher before. Your teachings make a lot of sense and I can’t wait to try them all. The techniques and the 3 strategies, I think can easily be applied to my trading. Thank you for giving me the added confidence to continue with trading forex.”

Ramli Idris, Malaysia (Graduated on Aug 10, 2008)

” Moments ago I got a full profit take of 120 pips. I’m nearing the target of 100% portfolio growth. I could not believe that this is just my 14th day of live trading. Your strategies are amazing! Thanks and more power to you.”

Darwin de Leon, Filipino residing in Singapore (Graduated on Jun 05, 2008)

” The content of your course is definitely better than expected. Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge with us.”

Sherwin Yanzy Enriquez, Filipino residing in Singapore (Graduated on Aug 05, 2008)

” I find the overall course is delivered with sincerity in wanting the participant to succeed in trading. To me, sharing of your proven strategies with us and successful trades are important aspect to this course. Overall, it is very encouraging. Thanks for sharing your wonderful strategies with us.”

Chan Kit Hoong, Singapore (Graduated on Aug 05, 2008)


If you are also keen on attending Choo’s forex courses in Singapore..

They have a weekly Free Forex Seminar For You To Preview as well…


Here’s What You Would Get To Learn At The Free Seminar :

- FOREX INTENSIVE PREPARATION WORKSHOP is an introductory course on Forex trading.

Participants will be given a preview of what Forex trading entail, including a walk-through of the underlying strategies, trends and key profit determinants behind the dynamics of forex trading using the renowned STRATEGY CREATION PROCESSTM.

Open your window to a world of opportunities with Forex trading, by taking this first step towards gaining financial freedom through well-proven and time-tested method.


You Can Register For Your Free Seat Simply :

By Phone : 6329 9775

By Sms : forexasia to 90534020.
e.g. forexasia Jack Tan



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