Sunday, September 20, 2009

ChartNexus Stock Trading - Joseph Chai - Technical Analysis course by chief trainer Joseph Chai.

ChartNexus is a dynamic company engaged in the design, development and commercialisation of financial market solutions, provide the following solutions:

Stand-alone and web-based charting applications
System integration and customization
Investor relations
Data and information provisioning
Ads services
Education and training

How ChartNexus Started
There are many stock charting software out there that exist either as stand-alone or web-based applications. Surprisingly, many of these software are either too hard to use or they are just too expensive; while some are just plain unsightful and they really put off our whole experience of using technical analysis.

Technical analysis is supposed to be a joyful, fun process where we focus on analysing the charts of various stocks to predict future price trends, and make profit with our own predictions. So ChartNexus decided to take on this challenge, and develop own stock charting software with few aims in mind :

It has to be

(1) easy to use
(2) functionally relevant
(3) comprehensive (but not bloated)
(4) aesthetically pleasing to the eyes (who says software can't be beautiful)

The result — ChartNexus®, a software that is built upon the labour of love from many people's hardwork, ideas, time shared and lots of fun along the way, give out ChartNexus® free to the global investment community.

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