Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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Singapore 498789
Tel: 6542-6624

StrategyLand is proud to launch GAPG.
New trading approaches for timing the financial markets, using Probability and Artificial intelligence, via the development of Group Algorithm Probability Generator (GAPG).

This is a smart database engine cum front end software . The database engine would help in deriving the winning probability of each algorithm . We will then be able to determine the algorithms which have the greatest success probability and use it for the next trading day.

This led to the creation of - Artificial intelligence performance monitor and Group Algorithm Probability Generator .

StrategyBot version 3.0.8 had been launched!
StrategyBot offers the first hands-free trading solution with multiple strategies on multiple markets. Fully Automated Trading with robust, high-quality execution of trading strategies using server-based solution, real-time transparency and full control over strategy execution using graphical monitoring and the ability to modify and liquidate strategy as desired.

Now with version 3.0.8, you can do more with StrategyBot.

* Trading from charts New!
* One-click trading from Trading Pad
* Automated exits, such as scale-outs, brackets, trailing stops, and proprietary exit strategies
* Multiple real-time charts and indicators
* Manage Future month’s Contracts
* Print chart function
* Fully automated system trading
* Real-time composite position, and P&L tracker

BotTrading™ for users of Fully Automated Strategies
This section is only for Automation, meaning using Fully Automated Strategies.

We are a software development company. We offer software applications to help users Trade Online with highly advanced features which can prevent losses and secure wins.
Users of a single copy of StrategyBot Professional may:-

1. Trade Manually (using sophisticated features defined here as Advanced Manual Trading),
2. Rent our Fully Automated Strategies (this section of our website addresses Fully Automated Trading),
3. Request Strategyland to develop automated trading strategies upon their own specifications.
4. Rent Strategy Template based on one out of 10 Technical Indicators. Select the one you trust the most.
5. Develop their own automated strategies using our API (Visual Basic C++) or using other means. Go to "Strategy Development". This is assuming the user is an experienced programmer. (in addition Buy our Tuner Professional version software).
6. Convert strategies developed for other platforms (Tradestation) into our API for better reliable execution (in addition Buy our TPAK software).
7. Do any combination of the above.

To find out about fully automated strategies go to What is & Why BotTrading™?

Fully Automated Strategies are for users :

1. having No time to trade
2. wishing to capitalize on the opportunities offered on various Contracts.
3. having used their own manual strategy(ies) for sometime and now implementing in software for automated execution. Note: we have been submitted very complex strategies by long time traders and nothing, we repeat nothing, cannot be automated in software. Software allows for extreme flexibility and offers wider possibilities with reliability and expandability.
4. unfamiliar with Trading or scared to Trade on their own
5. not knowing anything about trading
6. high volume traders such as Hedge Fund managers

What People say about BotTrading

Mr. Mohommad Abdulla - Dubai

" I have been a day trader for over 5 years now and have had so many sleepless nights. I have even considered stopping trading several times. BotTrading has changed my outlook totally. I have started enjoying trading all over again. Zero stress, no more rushing home from work and now I am also able to spend more time with my family".

Mr. Omran Rashid - Abu Dhabi

"Finally a good system to generate huge passive income for your family and allows you to have a more relaxing life. I would suggest all people considering trading futures to go in for BotTrading."

Mrs. Anja Strong - London

"Very interesting and enlightening. With no experience in trading, I thought I never could be a part of the trading community but BotTrading has made it possible for me."

Mr. Walter Henry - France

"BotTrading has made me feel like a professional in trading. Now I can adopt trend, swing and market neutral strategies all at the same time and don't even have to sit in front of the computer."

Mr. Ravi Pavitran - Singapore

"BotTrading has helped me take sole responsibility of my trading. I am no longer dependent on my broker nor am I subscribing to any paid newsletters which tell me what to do."


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