Sunday, September 20, 2009

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Phillip Futures endeavours to sustain long-term relationships with our clients by proactively improving and customizing our seminars to meet their ever-changing needs and cater to different categories of customers at the same time.

Our wide range of seminars covers Basic Introduction, Technical & Fundamental analyses and upcoming Market Overview hosted by many experienced consultants in the form of sharing sessions.

Introduction to Commodities Trading Strategies

System Demonstration of POEMS Professional

Preview and Demonstration of FX365

Learning and Understanding more about Forex (Basic)

Basics of Forex Trading (BASIC)

Exploring your trading opportunities in Energy futures (Basic)

Trading the Black Gold – Crude & Brent Oil (Basic)

Navigating your way in the Futures Market C

Forex Trading tools & Techniques to manage your Risks for possible opportunities

The right way to Futures Trading

Getting Started into Futures and Commodities


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