Sunday, September 20, 2009

APSRI PW Forex - Dar Wong - Dektos Investment - CEO Dar Wong



Principal Consultant cum Master Coach of APSRI - DAR Wong, has been invited to join Dektos Investment Corp in Singapore. This is a fund management house approved by Monetary Authority of Singapore and currently managing more than USD10 million assets. The equity will be expanded by another USD50 million in 6 months time with an agreed injection by new accredited investors.

Dektos Investment Corp has been operating for 4 years as a licensed fund management company that has good tracked record of profits from initiation. The back test of past 40 years records using our Macro Invest Strategy shows an average yield of more than 20 percent per annum.

As Dektos serve only the accredited clients, any APSRI associates or high-net worth clients who fit the criteria and have an interest to participate in Dektos investment program will be welcome. No restriction of nationality for all potential clients.

Enquiry: DAR Wong, HP (65) 9852 3313



APSRI Acute Precision & Studies Research Inc - PW Forex

A) The “FX MasteryTM " Trading Workshop

Title : Trade Like a Pro. Win Like an Expert.

Duration : 2-day weekend + Monday evening review + 5-hour Freshmen Training (28 hours of quality learning)

Objective : For beginners and intermediate traders in FX market ONLY

Syllabus : FX market infrastructure and operations / EQ Management / Risk management in daily trading / Case Studies & Discussion on Power Wave Trading / 10 mins Power Trading Strategy in FX market / Time-window trading strategy / Reversal-target trading strategy / Live Trading

Remarks : An almost compulsory lesson for all FX players. Total 28 hours of quality learning. Continual mentorship through FX Daily Forecast and FX Weekly Report can be accessed in our Traders' Forum. Associates who have enrolled with this course will be given 3 complimentary e-books - Power of Candlesticks Application, Understanding Market Fundamentals and Futures & FX Markets Explained, as the essential text syllabus to our tutorial session.

B) The “PowerWave TradingTM " Advance Trading Workshop

Title : The Projection of Market Future

Duration : 1 full day of quality learning / 8:30am - 6:00pm

Objective: For traders who want to learn conditional BKO trading and profit wave ridings, with effective risk management.

Syllabus : Overview of PoweWave Trading vs. Elliot Wave formation / ADAM Wave formation / Identify wave breakout / Squeeze Method Entry/ Tackle Swing Trading / Application and Objectives of wave trading / Case studies on Oil, Gold, Commodities , DJ, S&P, NK, HSI, currencies etc.

Remarks: This module is conducted only once -a-year. Suitable for all traders who want to understand market forecast and projection of short - mid term prices. Learn how to tackle channels and flag formations; inter-switch wave performance. Initiate profit trading in less than 10 days. NOT SUITABLE for beginners.

C) Private Workshop (Fine-Tuning Consultation) / Platinum Workshop

Title : Corrective Strategies of FX & Futures Trading

Duration : 3 hours - 3.5 hours for 3 traders (max) / Full day for 3 traders (max)

Objective: For intermediate and seasoned traders with reasonably steady foundation in trading

Syllabus : Evaluation of individual strength and weakness in FX trading / Revision of risk management and intra-day trading strategy / Application of 2 indicators with wave and market retracement theory / Candlesticks with Power Wave Study outline for mid-term trading / 10 mins Power Trading Strategy / Time-window trading strategy / Reversal-target trading strategy / Squeeze trading method

Remarks: Intermediate traders with good trading discipline will immediately start to make profits from trading activities upon completion of this fine-tuning session. Weekly forecast report will be included free-of-charge via email until further notice.

D) The "ProMaster TradingTM" Modules

> Cell Training - Module 1* (SEASON 1)

1. Intraday Trading Method

2. Revision of PowerWaveTM

3. Relationship between Intraday and Inter-days trading using Fibonacci theory

4. Forecast of 3 majors

5. Special Topic

> Cell Training - Module 2* (SEASON 2)

1. Candlestick Part 1 (Dojis – Hammer, Inverted Hammer, H-man and Shooting Star)

2. Revision of PowerWaveTM

3. Inter-relationship of Candlestick, Intraday Trading and PowerWaveTM.

4. Forecast of 3 majors

5. Special Topic

> Cell Training - Module 3* (SEASON 3)

1. Candlestick Part 2 (Engulf, Dark Cloud Cover and Pincer reversal)

2. Revision of PowerWaveTM

3. BKO trading method and application on PowerWaveTM patterns

4. Forecast of 3 majors

5. Special Topic

> Cell Training - Module 4* (SEASON 4)

1. Revision of PowerWaveTM

2. Entry, Exit and stop loss revision

3. 3 steps of Profit Pyramiding, Trailing stop & Money Mgt.

4. Forecast of 3 majors

5. Special Topic

> Cell Training - Module 5* (SEASON 5)

1. Revision of PowerWaveTM

2. Risk management in consolidation trading & Identify Trade Objectives

3. Forecast of 3 majors

4. Special Topic

* ONLY APSRI associates that have completed "FX MasteryTM" Trading workshop qualify to participate

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Upon completion of any of the FX Mastery Trading course, clients will be provided with complimentary freebies e.g. trial use of FX trading e-platform (worth USD50), certificate (optional), Daily Data Report (USD 264) & FX Daily Forum Forecast (worth USD1200), FX Weekly Forecast Report (worth USD120), e-Books (conditions apply) and discount entitlement for other subscriptions etc.

All the above freebies may subject to changes without prior notice. For course enquiry,


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