Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wealth Academy Trader - Conrad Alvin Lim Conrad Alvin Lim

AKLTG Training Center
Keppel Towers
10, Hoe Chiang Rd #01-05
Singapore 089315

What is the Wealth Academy Trader Program?

Wealth Academy Trader is a program created specially to guide you step by step in applying all the most consistent and effective investment & trading strategies in stocks and options.

What makes Wealth Academy Trader special?
* Personal Guidance – Provides you with hands-on guidance to get started by professional trader.
* Additional Income Stream – Learn how to create an additional source of monthly income through stock and options trading.
* Ultimate Financial Freedom – Learn how to have the possibility to retire early and trade for a living.

Attend this FREE Introductory Seminar And You Will Learn How To:
* Discover the reliable possibilities of predicting future price directions
* Discover the secrets which reveals the psychology of the market
* Turn financial news & trends into profitable opportunities
* Read the marketing for explosive profit opportunities

Wealth Master Trainer of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group
Conrad, 44 is one of Singapore ’s few successful Professional On-line Traders. As the resident Wealth Coach at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group since December 2006, Conrad has trained more than 2,000 students in the art and science of trading and investing.

He is very sought after for his intimate knowledge of Technical Analysis, Candlestick Pattern Application, Sector Rotation and short-term trading techniques including Day Trading and Scalping. He is also known for his unique and simplified application of Fibonacci and for his Defensive and Psychological approach to trading.

Who is Conrad Alvin Lim ? Today, Conrad’s trading consistency is renowned as he is able to trade for US$2,500 per day trade or US$15,000 to US$20,000 a month. His trademark 5DPEG (5 Day Pre-Earning Game), still a favorite amongst novices, continues to deliver a 92% success rate while he continues to deliver his low risk trading techniques which includes the Minimal Risk Entries, PHI-Bonacci Expansion, The Standard 6 and Sector Trading.

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Here's what some of our past participants have to say:

All other courses in the market presently teach "Strategy". Conrad's Pattern Trader Tutorial is the ONLY course that teaches the "Whole Picture" of the Market. - Wilson Ong

I came to get financially educated and the Pattern Trader Tutorial has more than met my objectives. I know that it is just the beginning and there is a lot more to learn...but I now have the base and understanding that would help grow in this area. Thank you Conrad for your integrity and authentic sharing! - Normala S

Conrad gives a very Honest and Realistic training on trading which I enjoyed very much. Now I must put it into action step-by-step and move to become a Financial Trader with Financial Independence! - James Tan

Conrad is a very experience trader and excellent trainer. - Neo Hoe Lee

Conrad is the most wonderful coach I have ever seen. Signing up for his Pattern Trader Tutorial has made me to become a successful trader as the returns & knowledge I have gained will run throughout my life! - Dave Phuah

Conrad's replies and efforts can only come from an amazing level of passion, sincerity and commitment. - Ng Joo

We are lucky to have a coach like Conrad, who guide us tirelessly and effortlessly towards achieving our path of success of trading. You are indeed a coach with knowledge and experience to guide us on, a coach who is also our caring friend. - Kang Hsin & Ai Lin

Conrad really taught me how to look at the big picture in trading, he shows us the beautiful & ugly side of trading with nothing to hide. He is the walking product of what you can be when you get really good, just like when he trades live in class and you see him thousands off the table. - Lin Weijie

After graduating from WAT5, I started trading laboriously (part time) every night in July. I took a snap shot of my portfolio early July after telling myself that I am going to apply whatever I have learnt and made money. By end July, my portfolio grew by 29%!! That is with some mistakes and lack of discipline.

Before the course I almost give up. I have attended another options trading course and wiped out my capital by 80% in no time.

My record for 5DPEG is 8 out of 11 games. Last week during the sell off I closed three positions (panic). otherwise it would have been 11/11 cause all those three actually recovered the day before they reported earning.

I hope my post will serve as a booster for all of us. - Ahim



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