Sunday, September 20, 2009

Forex Driving School - Winston Ng Winston Ng - CEO, Chief Trainer

Forex Driving School provides a fully structured 8 - Weeks forex courses.

The forex course offer by the school is designed for students to learn and practice both the fundamental and technical knowledge required to consistenly profit in the forex market with minimal controlled loss.

It can be as simple as setting up trades only once a week, daily or intra-day, up to your personal preference and how often you wish to do it.

Here’s an exact extract from their company informational website :

- Trading Educators - We are the only school that invests in a proper 8 week progressive learning system in Singapore. You will trade LIVE for 4 out of that 8 weeks.

- Personal Learning Progression System - We mean it when they say “Personal Coaching”. Every student has an assigned coach who records, tracks and challenges your progress in a docket. Nowhere else in Singapore will you get this personalisation of Forex education.

- Only Results Matter! - We teach you to execute the core skills that you need to be profitable in all market conditions, not complex theoretical formulas.

-We are a Group driven by Mission, not quick profits - Hence, we offer the most competitive course fees at an unmatchable quality of education. Go ask their graduates! Half of them come from other schools, and they still rank them as the no. 1 school for Forex Education.

- Lifetime Graduates Network - Come to our complimentary monthly enrichment sessions, discuss trades on the forums or revise any tutorial when you want! *Tutorial revisions have a small fee of $50 a session that is 100% donated to, our global charity of choice.


Here’s Some Of The Highlights From Their Forex Trading Course In Singapore :

( 8 Consecutive Tuesday or Wednesday Nights- 7pm - 930pm )

Forex Trading Basics:

- Introduction to Forex

- Trading Instruments - Which currencies and Why

- Pips - The terms used in Forex

- The fundamentals of Leverage and using it to keep your trading safe.

- Overhead - Cost of Starting on Forex - Choosing between using all free software and premium software

- Trading Examples - Long Trades, Short Trades, Carry Trades

- A secret that Pro Traders know - “Profit” focus is a bad word to anyone who wants to make money in the long run.

- Bonus: How to turbo-charge your 25% p.a. returns to 250% p.a. returns after two years of practice, using your exact same skills and effort. Feature only available in Forex.

Chart Reading:

- Standard Technical Analysis

- Key Chart Indicators like MACD, Stoch, RSI, ATR, ADX, Renko

- Understanding the value of the settings of these indicators.

- When to use oscillator and when to use strength indicators

- How to use them effectively by understanding the Whys.

- Key Candlestick patterns and what they mean to you.

- The concept of Price Anchoring - The core of all trading.

- Reading Multiple Time Frames of a Chart

- Proper Charting of Fibonacci Projections

- Reversal Lines/ Support and Resistance Channels

- Bonus Practice Session: One Full night of Forex Scalping (most trainers charge lots to teach this) to learn valuable lessons for Day-to-Day Forex trading.

Speciality Technical Analysis:

- Initial Market Identification Matrix before entry

- Using Multiple Time Frames to support our Entry

- Typical Setups that result into statistically favourable Trades

- Setting Up and Preparing the Trades and Set Up a Real Trade for the week ahead.

- Precise Stop Losses, Exits and Position Sizing based on Money Management Strategies.

Setting Up Your Trading Station:

- Learn all the mechanics that you need to get everything up and running

- Actual Practice: Set Up Real Trades For The Week Ahead

Fundamental Knowledge:

- The international flow of money.

- Fundamental Influences on Currencies - Economic Indication, Market Indication

- Breaking News that affect both the stock and currency markets

- The “downside” of Fundamental Knowledge – what to watch out for and how to overcome it.

Money Management Strategies:

- Learning Statistical Systems to make the casino work in your favour.

- How your Stop Loss should be configured not just to protect individual trades but your total portfolio.

- Statistically advantaged position sizing to keep you always in the game.

- Include your personal trading plan to your daily life.

- How to collect your Win/ Loss Information and interpret the results to tell you where you are standing.

- How much value is “luck” in trading forex? And how to remove the factor of “luck”.

- Diversifying your currencies to protect against global geo-political changes.

These are the breakdown of the 8 Tutorial lessons in this forex course

Tutorial 1

- Software/ Brokerages and Admin Set Up

Tutorial 2

- Instinct Driven Trading

Tutorial 3

- Foundational Forex Entry Systems

Tutorial 4

- Live Trading!

Tutorial 5

- Review Your Trade Setups/ Fundamental Knowledge / Analysing Stocks Indexes / Luxury Trading Formations/ Candlestick Patterns/ News & Commentaries

Tutorial 6

- Intra-Day Trading Immersion Night (will end late into the night)

Tutorial 7

- Independent Trader Exam!

Tutorial 8

- Money Management, Statistical Probabilities & Where You Go From Here.



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