Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sense and Guts FX Stocks - Darren Leow Darren Leow

Sense and Guts Investment.

Registered Business with Accountancy & Corporate Regulatory Authority Singapore (ACRA) in year 2008.

Sense and Guts Investment is an education provider on technical analysis.

We are based in Singapore and provide trading courses for both Stocks and Forex.

We believe in providing a focus, well structured and quality education.

Our courses include basic to advance level.

- Basic level will provide a good understanding on technical analysis
and build a strong foundation.

- Advance level will provide an in-depth concept of technical analysis, together with
the strong foundation, it will further enhance the trading skill.

Current Training Centers:
Central : Training Center @ International Plaza
- Next to Tanjong Pagar MRT Station

: Training Center @ Goldhill Centre
- Opposite Novena MRT Station

North East : Training Center @ Sengkang Community Club
- Next to SengKang MRT Station

Currently focusing only on the SGI High Powered Trading Course (Forex and Stocks). It's a two-in-one course, so you are able to learn both Forex and Stocks trading at the same time. Teaching from basic to advanced level including the High Powered Trading Setups.

There are a total of six sessions (3hrs per session), spreading over three weeks. The six sessions include theory and practical sessions, so there will be hands-on practices including live tradig using demo account for Forex.

For maximum focus to individual student, the course is conducted in a small group of maximum 8 pax. As the course is quite intensive, that is why the sessions are being spreadout. After the course, will continue to follow up with every students, just to ensure that they really understand and able to apply what they've learnt in their trading. Refresher course is provided for free as well, students can join the next intake for refresher.

The coming intake will be starting from 29 Sep 09.

Next Intake will be in early Dec 09.

Contact, official website at


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