Sunday, September 20, 2009

NextView - Don Schellenberg, Benny Lee

NextVIEW is an established and innovative provider of financial information and trading systems with market data content including the following real-time data; equities, derivatives including futures, options warrants, interest rates, government bonds, global News services, earning calls and corporate financials.

Don Schellenberg - Full-time trader and educator. In addition to his capacity as a professional analyst, Don conducts trading seminars for private and professional investors, traders and fund managers.

Master Forex Course Simple and Advanced Strategies and Set-ups


Benny Lee - Private Trader and Chief Market Strategist

Power Indicators
Power Indicators are modified proprietary indicators which determine the best trading opportunities in any market. Find out how these powerful indicators can effectively improve your trading strategies. Users will be able to program these indicators into compatible softwares.

Bollinger Bands
The Bollinger Bands is an excellent indicator in identifying price corrections. This creates opportunity for traders to trade once a breakout appears and theThe Bollinger Bands is able to provide this signal effectively. Learning this indicator enables traders to ride on price explosions.
PowerVolume (pVOL)
The PowerVolume is an indicator that gauges the volume strength. Different volume strength provides different interpretation of the price action. By grasping this knowledge, it will give the trader the additional advantage.
Average True Range (ATR) - this is part of the pSAR calculation
Price volatility is normally calculated from the price range. The True Range idea was developed by Welles Wilder who also created indicators like RSI and ADX because of the importance of considering the previous period data in determining the correct range. This indicator provides excellent stop loss ideas.
PowerSAR (pSAR)
PowerSAR or pSAR is an indicator combining both support levels and volatility to determine the best stop loss and also to identify price breakouts. When price is more volatile, stops should not be placed to tight. The pSAR is useful for both short-term and position trading.


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