Sunday, September 20, 2009

CMC Markets CFD FX

Established in 1986, CMC Markets is now a global leader in online financial trading. With our track record, we have the right expertise to support your trading needs.
Raffles Place #14-06 SIngland Tower.   1800-559-6000
Chart Fundamentals
Chart Pattern Analysis
Candlestick 1
Candlestick 2
Trading Oscillators (MACD & RSI)
Trading Oscillators (Bollinger & Super Trend)
Trading Risk Management
Market Introduction and Review

With the opening of our Singapore office in 2006, it allows us to bring our vision of empowering traders with greater access to global markets and more opportunity to profit in any market condition to Singapore.

CMC Markets offers free CFD introductory courses and Marketmaker® tutorials every month for traders to understand the power of leverage with CFDs.

As CMC Markets valued clients, we offer a wide array of trading seminars and webinars exclusively to our clients absolutely free. We aim to provide you with comprehensive training courses for traders with varying levels of experience. These courses are designed and presented to give you the knowledge you need but without the technical jargon.


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