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V3go Market Psychology

Understanding Market Psychology V3go
Date: Saturday 17 November 2012
Time: 12:00pm – 5:00pm
Venue: STI Auditorium, Capital Tower, 168 Robinson Road, Singapore 068912 

Invited Speaker: Kelvin Han
Schedule: 12:00 – 12:30pm Registration

12:30 – 1:15pm See and Learn How Top Traders Uses Market Psychology To Earn Returns From The Big Game

1:15 – 2:00pm How To Earn Returns In Trading/Investing In Gold

2:00 – 2:45pm Next Generation trading with CMC Markets

2:45 – 3:15pm Break

3:15 – 4:15pm Using V3Go Scanner Sentiment Forecaster To Spot Solid Winners

4:15 – 5:00pm Market Outlook and Q&A Session
Speaker Profile: Kelvin Han can be considered one of the most controversial traders and trainers in Singapore. Not only did he make millions through his trading skills, but he has also lost millions due to youthful naivety in the course of it. He paid a great penalty for the lessons. However, he has never stopped trying and now, he is here to inspire others to persevere and not give up due to failures not only in trading, but also in life.

Kelvin is the founder and chief trainer of V3Go Academy. Established in 2006, the Academy specialises in coaching traders how to invest in Forex, Futures, Stocks and Commodities using V3Go’s proprietary system and techniques to gain consistent returns. It is the only school that coaches traders to read the chart from Right to Left.
About 150 attendee for this session.

 12:30 – 1:15pm

See and Learn How Top Traders Uses Market Psychology To Earn Returns From The Big Game

Richard Dennis Futures Commodities speculator and Turtle System betting with his buddy Bill Eckhardt on whether great trader can be trained.

Successful trading has 6 elements:
Market - What to buy and sell
Position Sizing - How much to trade
Entries - When to get in
Stops - When to get out of a losing position
Exits - When to get out of a winning position
Tactics - How to buy and sell

Paul Tudor Jones II  founder of Tudor Investment Corporation
Always use place stop loss, mental stop, price stop plus time stop.

Jesse Livermore   Great bear of Wall Street. Short selling during stock crash in 1907 and 1929 made US3 million and US 100 million respectively. But loss back all in later part of trading!
"All through time, people have basically acted and reacted same way in the market as a result of Greed, Fear, Ignorance and Hopes. That's why the numerical information and patterns recur on a constant basis."

"No good stocks and no bad stocks, only money making stocks."

Philosophy: Trade to win, not trade to trade!

1:15 – 2:00pmHow To Earn Returns In Trading/Investing In Gold

Gold is for accumulation, not for consumation and acts as the ultimate store for value. It has outlasted many government and universally accepted as a made of medium of exchange and has been in usage for more than a decade.

For US100 invested 10 years ago equivalent to:
Gold US400  (highest value vs other assets class below)
Commodities US357
Oil  US268
Bonds and Treasuries  US190
Stocks   US95

10 Reasons to buy Gold
1.  Gold explosure is the largest now vs last decade
2.  US Dollar depreciating
3.  Government bonds shrinking in demand
4.  G7 and G20 increase their stake in Gold.
5.  Increasing demand for Gold includes China and India both top consumers of gold and expect to increase 3 to 5% every year
6.  Mining production remain stagnant. Demand is exceeding supply gradually.
7.  European problem (PIIGS - Portugal, Ireland, Iceland, Greece, Spain) still persist expect higher demand for gold as protection to political bankruptcy.
8. South Africa which is top producing country having declination in production as unable to meet the demand. 204,922,8kg in 2009 vs 191,833,7kg in 2010 drop by 6.4%.
9.  John Paulson founder of Paulson Investment made 20 billion in mortgage crisis have purchased 5 billion  on gold as at 28Sep2010 expect target at US4000.
11. George Soros is the 6th biggest owner of gold in the world as at 21May2010 accumulated 1938 tones of gold at average cost US1650.
12 Jim Rogers on 15Oct12 call to buy gold and sell equities.
13. Marc Faber on 10Oct12 call to buy gold.
14. Central banks and government buying gold, adding 425.4 tones last year.
15. Net Long position in COMEX futures is betting on higher price for gold.

3:15 – 4:15pmUsing V3Go Scanner Sentiment Forecaster To Spot Solid Winners

Two formation   LHF and HLF
LHF (Lower High Formation)
Breakout downtrend line - buy next day above previous day high, preferably above OP. Must be Bullish rating stocks (proprietary v3go formula sentiment forecaster to calculate whether it is bullish or bearish rating).

HLF (higher Low Formation)
Breakout uptrend line - sell next day below previous day low, preferably below OP. Must be bearish rating stocks.

T+5 strategy
As Singapore stocks are settled latest on T+5 day, margin squeeze extrem happens on T+5. Buy or Sell on the 6th day using last two days low or high as SL.  TP from the first day run down price.

Foreign Futures Broking house buy and sell signal
Under SGX Futures clearing members quote looks for big foreign house (eg ABN Ambro code 009 etc) buy-sell signal. The quote can be found as the counter parties on PATS system alert box detail when contract is done. If they suspect foreign house buying or selling they will sell/buy one contract as extreme to reveal the counter parties identity. Eg. last 3 days foreign brokers are selling Simsci despite NK going up, so they will avoid buying until yesterday they started to see foreign brokers change to buying.

4:15 – 5:00pmMarket Outlook and Q&A Session
Gold is expected to go up to US2,000 level by end of 2014 but need a drop below US1,600 to US1,500 to open a good entry level.

Dow Jone is expected to recover back to 14000 but in a very chopping recovering and long term process.

$50 for
2 weeks Edmodo alert signal includes:
- 3 daily market outlook and review
- market calls on stock, index futures, forex and commodities
- notification of v3go grads team buy/sell within 30sec
- chart patterns posting by v3go team
- updated top financials news on the go

The above $50 also acts as a deposit to offset following:
2 days (9-10Dec2012)    V3go Starter  $788 
3 days V3go Advance $3,288  (can further offset from the $788 course fee)

Training, live trading room and office at Peace Center level 7

Sep-2009 - The V3Go Team consists of Chin Fee, Edmund, Evelyn, Herman, Kelvin, Pengsoon.

Q : Will this just be another trading course which teaches me “sure win” entry and exit strategy?

A : There are no sure win strategies in the world. What the V3Go system does is to transfer the odds of winning to your side. ADVANCED money management rules taught in the course ensure that even when you lose in a trade, the loss is minimal. Finally, with the mentoring after the course, you will be assured that winning habits are ingrained and well incorporated in your trading, to ensure SUSTAINABLE success in trading.

Q : What if I do not grasp all the techniques during the course?

A : That is where Handholding comes in. Mentoring is what distinguishes V3Go from the other courses available. The techniques we use are good, but without you fully able to understand and execute, it is not really relevant. We want all our graduates to fully benefit from the techniques and start making money in the shortest amount of time. As such, we cater 4 sessions of COMPREHENSIVE handholding sessions. Each session is 4 hours long and spread out over a duration of one full month. This will give you time to use the techniques in a real market environment, and ask any questions that you might have during the handholding sessions.

Also on a day-to-day basis, there is a Skype conference exclusive ONLY TO GRADUATES. Here we exchange ideas, and trades and interact daily. At the end of the day, we will also assist by providing you with a market wrap for the entire day.

This should give you the assistance necessary to start trading profitably as soon as possible.

Q : What happens during live trade?

A : A live trade session is where all of us, trainers & participants will trade together. This means that we will look through the stocks and counters that YOU are interested in, and you will see and understand firsthand how the techniques are applied to a REAL market. This is also an opportunity where we all can make money together, using the techniques that we teach in the V3Go Mentoring Programme.

Not many trainers will trade LIVE using their own accounts in front of their students but in the V3Go team, we like to say that we put our money where our mouths are.

Q : Why do I need to learn V3GO techniques when I’m a long term investor?

A : You would, if you are interested to enter the position at the best possible price. Also, the capital management rules in the system we teach will ensure that your downside is kept limited while letting your profits ride. It is all about capital preservation and enjoying the right trade.

Q : What is Diff?

A : Diff is one of the V3Go techniques taught in the mentoring program. Diff uses a common indicator that is available in most charting tools and interprets the information in a way that gives you a fixed entry and exit point. By using this simple tool, gives you an edge by putting the odds on your side.

Q : Is it possible for me to learn different technique separately?

A : Most of our techniques can be used discretely but together, they form a system that gives you strong, definite points of entry that put the odds on your side, reasonable cut losses that minimize your risk and maximizes your gains, as well as a support network that allows you to utilize these tools consistently.

Q : Will the course be too advanced for a beginner like me?

A : IT’LL BE PERFECT for a beginner to come for the V3Go Mentoring Programme. The effective, easy-to-apply V3Go techniques, followed by the handholding ENSURES that your first step to SUCCESSFUL and PROFITABLE trading will build sound trading habits and start you on the right foot.

Q : Will it be too simple for an advanced trader like me?

A : Advanced traders benefit from the techniques that are firmly based on market psychology and extensively back-tested to ensure their effectiveness under ANY market conditions. Whether it’s a bull or bear market, or one that is volatile and uncertain, you know that you WILL capitalize on all the possible trading opportunities.

Q : Is V3Go technique suitable only for intraday trading?

A : No. While you do have to look at your charts before the markets open every day, you can use the techniques to enter intra-day, short term or medium term positions. Once you have settled on an entry or exit level, all you have to do is to let your broker know, and he will do the rest.

Q : Can it be applied to markets OTHER than Singapore Stocks?

A : ABSOLUTELY! The techniques work in virtually any financial market. We have extensively tested our techniques in regional futures, commodities, FOREX, and stock markets in other countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, with outstanding results.

Q : Do I need to subscribe to “special” charting tool?

A : NO. The techniques will work well with any good charting tool.

Nevertheless, you will be given 2 weeks of a free trial of Telequote, as well as live data. We will also show you where to obtain free charting software and end-of-day data.

Q : What is the difference between V3Go Mentoring Programme and earlier courses like K2P and FT series?

A : The V3Go system was created by Kelvin Han, who started trading since he was 16 and has coached more than 1500students to date. While there have been various earlier forms, V3Go combines and refines all the previous systems that Kelvin has learnt, imparted to his past course participants, and used in his own trading to date.

Also V3Go incorporates an element of support and mentoring, that has previously not been emphasized upon. Not many trainers in the market take a personal interest in the success of their students. The V3Go group is different in that with the handholding program, trainers spend an entire month to personally mentor each graduate until he or she can effectively use the techniques and make money in the market.


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