Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wealth Academy Forex - Adam Khoo, Yeo Keong Hee

Wealth Academy Forex is part of Adam Khoo learning technolofies group.

It’s founder is professional Forex Trader ( Also a Charted Financial Analyst ) name Yeo Keong Hee.

With 4 years of experience in an investment organization, Keong Hee was involved in investments in a broad spectrum of financial instruments.

As an indicidual investor, he has been successfully engaged in the financial markets, and has been involved in public speaking engagements, where he enthusiastically shares about the importance of financial and investment literacy amidst the uncertainties of today’s economy.

In this progressive and structed forex trading course in Singapore ( Wealth Academy Program )….

Keong Hee would share his strategies with you on how you can generates a steady monthly income of up to USD $15,000 to USD $20,000 monthly and.…

How he personally grew USD $10,000 to USD $300,000 in just 1 year from the comfort of his home !!!


Here’s Some Of The Highlights From His Forex Trading Courses In Singapore You Would Get To Learn :

( 3 days trading workshop + 3 - monthly nurturing session )

Tutorial One

Basics of Forex Trading

- Learn insights into What Drives Forex Markets

- General Overview of Trading Methodogies

Effective Money Management

- Learn to Plan Your Trades

- Determining per-trade risk allowance - No unexpected losses ever !

- Increasing your profits without increasing your risk - the power of compounding!

Winning Psychology of Trading

- Why Many Traders Lose Money Even With Great Systems

- How to Cope with Losses - No Single Trade is Important !

- How to Remove Emotional Tension

Tutorial Two

How to Profit By Trading the News

- Avoiding the dangers of price gaps

- Scalping the trading opportunities for quick profits !

Uncovering profitable patterns in charts

- Proven Price-driven and indicators-driven systems

- How to attach the forex market from different angles

- Avoiding over-trading and under-trading - maximizing long - term returns

- Reinforcing your confidence in a trade

Tutorial Three

Integrating the Strategies

-How to profit from forex while keeping your day job !

- How to minimize complex analysis of charts and indicators

- How to look out for warning signals - when to avoid trading

- How to multiply your confidence in a trade

Hands-on practice on identifying and trading the strategies

- Practical issues to deal with in real-time trading

- Stimulating a successful trading experience !

Here’s What Some Of The Students Have To Say About This Singapore Forex Course :

” Good probability of success rate. It’s very easy to apply and I would recommend to anyone who wants to trade forex..” Elvin ( Bedok )

” It is so amazing. I have never imagine myself trading forex. The systems are simple, easy and it works. Just by following simple rules, I can see myself making consistent profits …” Mrs Tan ( Clementi )


Wealth Academy offers a Free Forex Seminar In Singapore too.

Here’s What You Would Get To Learn In The Free Preview :

- Learn how to attack the Forex Market from various angles, exploiting different profit opportunities

- Learn how to eliminate unexpected losses and gain valuable insights on what drives the currency market

- Discover how you can trade without intensive monitoring of the market and still earn consistent profits

- Understand the psychology of successful trading

- Fully disclosed trading methods through a intensive coaching program

- Learn strategies that help remove emotional tension > Highly essential for successful trading


You can register for a Free Preview simply :

By Phone: 6881 8881

Email :



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