Sunday, September 27, 2009

Index Trader - Brent Penfold

Index Trader - Brent Penfold

These are uncertain times. During this presentation full-time trader Brent Penfold will help you navigate the changing sharemarket landscape by teaching you a powerful index investing and index trading strategy to preserve and grow your capital.
You will learn Brent’s `Tactical Timing Clock´ that will tell you the best times to invest in the sharemarket via either an index ETF or index futures contract and the best times to be in cash. In addition you will learn a simple and effective day trading strategy that you can use today to trade index futures with confidence.
Special offer: All attendees will receive a complimentary 28 day trial of Brent’s daily IndexALERT™ newsletter valued at $150.

Hi I'm Brent Penfold and welcome to my site.
I trade futures and I'm a licensed Futures Adviser. My speciality is trading index and currency futures. To put your mind at ease I'd like to say straight up that I'm neither a Broker or Educator masquerading as a "trader". I am a trader first and foremost.  I run this advisory and educational business as an opportunity to occupy my time during the day. Believe it or not trading doesn't take much effort or time once you have found your edge. This "day job" keeps me busy.
If you're here looking for that "perfect" newsletter or mechanical trading system then I'm sorry to disappoint you because I don't have them, and nor do I believe they exist. However, I do believe there is a tremendous advantage in following a system which has a statistical edge. Although my newsletters and model aren't "perfect" and will leave you bruised at times, I do believe they have an edge. An edge a disciplined and consistent trader can exploit.
By way of background I first traded futures in 1983. Since then I have gained first-hand experience in all facets of futures whether it be trading, educating, presenting, designing systems or advising. The result of all this is that my site contains over 20 years of practical experience so whether you are new to trading or a veteran, I hope you'll find something of interest and value on
Many thanks for visiting my site and I hope you can take the time to have a good look around. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to either call me on 02-9798 7428 or send me an email at
Successful Money Management
Brent Penfold
Futures Trader
Futures Adviser
(ASIC AFS Licence Number 225946)

Contact:  Email
              Phone +61.2.9798.7428



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