Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wealth DNA Forex - Chris Lori

He said that everyone needs to have their own method and you will not trade someone else’s method successfully. He believes everyone has a unique talent that we have developed in the course of our life and it need not be related to trading. However, it is about transferring this talent or skill-set to trading that matters. For him, it was the transference of his psychological aspect from his sports to trading. He said every successful trader understands their psychological profile and how we should figure out ours and develop a risk model and methodology based on that.
He went on to say that the market is so big that there is room for each of us to find a place in it. He added that our mind and model must be developed together. It is an iterative process where the feedback from the market is important to refine our thinking and method. We cannot theorise and trade a method and expect it to work right away. We need to trade and evolve, trade and evolve, until we develop our own trading plan.
It gets pretty dry when he began describing how he trades. He trades intra-day volatility spikes in forex pairs and this shows that a trader just needs to identify one small area of the market to trade successfully. Basically, he understood how the big players put in their orders which causes price spikes. He said that these large blocks of orders come and go very fast. These orders push up the price and after they get filled, there is a sudden void of demand and prices drop. It usually drops back to the level before these large orders came about. This is where he usually enters, as he found that the subsequent breakout is usually reliable.

Wealth DNA Forex course chief trainer is Chris Lori - one of the worlds most respected currency fund managers, and a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA).

He is the founder and principal owner of Seaview Capital - A Foreign Exchange trading firm that manages portfolios for private and institutional clients worldwide.

As a leading authority in foreign exchange fund management and trading, Chris has offered his time to conduct numerous Forex workshops, is a frequent guest on financial talk shows and regularly speaks to Forex trading groups. Chris enjoys sharing his in depth Forex knowledge by coaching beginners as well as full time Forex traders and fund managers.

Wealth DNA forex trading courses in Singapore offer both ” Basic & Advance ” levels forex training…


Here’s What You Get To Learn At The Basic Level During The Forex Course :

( 2.5 Days Training Workshop )

Targeted Audience - For beginners who do not know about Forex.

At the end of this workshop, the students should have an understanding of Forex market and a few effective strategies, and be able to perform the actual life market trading. This workshop will serve a preparation for the next 2 days FOREX ADVANCED WORKSHOP.

As For The Advance Level, You Would Get To Learn :

( 2.5 Days Training Workshop )

Forex Introduction: A professional trader’s perspective. Foreign Exchange instruments and volume that generate the big market moves. Get a handle on what goes on inside the major institutions.

Japanese Candlesticks: Since the FX market does not have a specific daily open and close time when trading begins and ends, not all Candlestick formations will apply to discerning market movement. You will learn which specific Candlestick formations are most effective in the FX market. Followed by Simulated Trades.

MACD: MACD is an indicator that can have various interpretations. It is important to understand proper use of MACD in combination with complimentary tools to maximize daily profit potential. Followed by Simulated Trades.

Trendlines: Trendlines are effective in clearly mapping out chart patterns. Price action around a trendline will often give us a lead on potentially very large market movements. We will look closely at the best trading scenarios offered by correct trendline analysis. Followed by Simulated Trading.

Pivot Points: Pivot Points are one of the most effective tools for trading the FX market. We will learn how to draw daily profits from the market. Followed by Simulated Trading.

Chart Pattern Recognition: As a respected technician in the FX industry, Chris will show you key chart patterns that generate explosive moves. You will learn chart patterns that are the highest predictor of future price action and direction. Absolutely to not overlook a chart patterns invitation to make a profitable trade!

Indicators: Chris will show you some of the favorite FX indicators used by skilled professionals.

Chris Lori Tool Box: Chris will share many of his own secrets to trading success throughout the class and simulated trading exercise.

Trade Entry, Position Management and Equity Management!

1) Short term trading and position trading

2) How to use various timeframes for the day trader or position trader

3) Managing your positions properly. Where and how to set stops and take profits consistently!

4) Introduction to Basic Currency Hedging Techniques?

5) Review of charting software options and set up for your trading workspace

6) Full spectrum of winning trading methods and new skills


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